Brooklyn Goldsmith, 9, had no idea when her picture was taken for the paper almost two years ago it would end up in a book, but it did.

Her grandfather helped her start a garden several years ago, and she has grown vegetables to sell for extra money each year, since.

She was the youngest participant when Bridge City started its farmer’s market two years ago. Her story and picture was featured in The Record Newspapers.

Last year, the American Girl publisher found Brooklyn’s picture on the Internet, and contacted The Record to get permission from Brooklyn’s parents to use the image.

They had been told the publishing date would be sometime in March, but it came a little early.

“I tried to look it up here, on our computers,” said Winkie Kirby, Orangefield Elementary librarian. “But our filters block it out.”

When Stefanie Goldsmith, Brooklyn’s mom, was in Barnes and Nobles Bookstore recently, she happened to see the book on a rack.

“I knew she would be excited,” said her mother and she bought both copies of the book displayed.

“That’s all they had,” said Brooklyn.

The Julie Mystery, “The Tangled Web” is set in more modern times, around the ‘70s, where most of the American Girl books are set around the 1800s and early 1900s.

They have a section in the back of the book that features real life. Brooklyn’s picture is on the cover page of that section – “Looking back, a peek into the past.”

Brooklyn has already signed several books for different people. One of the first two books her mom bought was presented to Mrs. Kirby for the Library, autographed of course.

“Wow” Brooklyn said when she found out about her picture going into a book. “I was just excited.”

She received the entire “Julie Mystery Series,” as a gift from the company when she gave permission to use the photograph.

The Orangefield fourth-grader will continue to grow vegetables. Last year’s profit, around $100, was used to adopt her Lab-Blue Heeler mix dog, Maggie from the Humane Society. She hasn’t decided what she will use this year’s funds for.

The book can be found at local bookstores for $6.95. The ISBN number is 978-1-59369-476-0.

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