“Although we’ve made Texas a safer

place for the unborn, our work is far from done, which is why I support

these pieces of legislation as simple, common sense additions to the

protections we offer the unborn here in Texas.”

The legislation

requires ultrasound imaging of the embryo or fetus and an audible heart

auscultation to be performed on expecting mothers in conjunction with

the physician’s explanation of each procedure. The patient would also

have to a sign a written statement certifying requirements are

fulfilled before an abortion is performed.

Gov. Perry remains

committed to promoting family values and defending unborn children. He

recently announced his support of House Bill 109, which would create a

“Choose Life” specialty license plate to raise funds to assist pregnant

women who are considering adoption as an alternative to abortion for

their unborn children.

In 2005, the governor signed Senate

Bill 419, which requires physicians to obtain written permission from

the parent or legal guardian of a minor child before performing an

abortion on that child. The statute gives the Texas Medical Board the

authority to enforce this requirement by imposing license violations on

physicians who violate it. This law is the most stringent protection of

parental rights passed in the state to date.