Fourteen Bull riders showed up ready to ride. Fourteen of Shane Young’s SYJ bulls were just as determined to buck the riders off. When the dust cleared after a night of hard rides on hard headed bulls only one rider had earned a score.

Michael Posey opened the show on a bull that came out of the chute, turned back hard, and caused Posey to lose his grip and slide off of the right side. It all happened in three or less seconds. That ride would set the pace for the night.

Rider Justin Lopez found that he would draw a bull that had the same idea as Posey’s bull, get the rider off fast. Lopez’ bull was a hard bucker. It was not fast out of the chute. But it had some high hard moves. Midway through the four second ride Lopez had the classic look.

The bull was stretched and Lopez was in good position with the balance arm up and out. Things just fell apart after that good moment and Lopez went to the ground hard and left with dirty jeans and no money.

Jonathan Morgan looked like he nodded before he was ready. He began to fall apart as the gate opened and the bull made one average move and Morgan got dirty quick. Another no score ride.

Johnny Minix is trying to make a comeback after a layoff with a back injury. Minix is a tough rider, but he is not up to par yet. His bull was a bad bucker and a spin in the action put Minix down hard. Bullfighter Guy Rivera moved in as Minix went down and blocked the bull. Minix went out of the pen on his own power.

The bull was another story, mad as a hornet and not persuaded to leave the pen until good and ready.

Chipper Nance rode out on Boar Hog and got a rope on the bull and pulled it almost to the exit gate. The bull stopped, dug in his hooves and the fight started. In the process of pulling the rope across the top of the fence and gate a few times either Nance lost his dally on the rope or the rope broke. The bull was back loose in the arena and the show was on again. Finally one of the arena crew got in the pen and was able to dodge the bull, get the rope and pass it to Nance. After a few minutes of tug of war, the bull was pulled out of the pen and the gateman was able to slam the gate shut and the bull was in the back pens.

That was the pattern for the rest of the night for Dawson McKee, David Stevenson, Chris Coody, Eddie Garcia, Rusty Musgrove, Tim Faul, Josh Durant and Steven Campbell.

It was a hard night for the riders, any one capable of wining the show any night. This pen of bulls was just too hot on a cool night.

It took 12 riders before Jace Coleman came out and made the only score of the night.

Coleman drew a bull that did not buck much but was a fast spinner. Out of the chute it made one buck and then went into a series of tight, fast spins. Coleman was able to hang with the bull and keep his seat and his grip. When he heard the buzzer Coleman grabbed the rope with his free hand and got his riding hand loose. He made the dismount move to his right. The bull was still spinning and when Coleman went off of the bull, he went under the bull. Rivera moved in and was able to distract the bull. Coleman was able to roll away and no harm was done.

Coleman went home with 78 points and $810 in his hand.

Hard luck ride of the night had to be Corey Hebert. He was the last rider, had another short ride, and got banged up.

A bad bull ride got worse and Hebert ended up seeing the inside of the ambulance. With a little luck Hebert should be back at the next session of the Longhorn Bull Bash.

There is still time to see a lot of top action before the series concludes on April 17.