Constable Rob Strause found a small amount of narcotics at a home on the 8300 block of Tulane Road in Orange around 4 p.m. Friday.

According to Strause, he went to the home after receiving several calls from local residents concerned about drug dealing at that location. Strause searched the premises after the homeowner gave permission.

From past dealings with the suspect, Strause knew she had been convicted of a violent felony offense. The constable removed a .38 special revolver after observing the suspect’s hand under a pillow on the couch.

The woman will be charged with a felon in possession of firearm offense which carries a minimum sentence of five years under the law.

The suspect was not arrested at that time due to an injury which the Orange County correctional facility would not be able to treat.

The defendant’s name is being withheld until formal charges are filed.

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