A story about filing proof of loss (POL) claims on Hurricane Ike flood damage, reported in the Feb. 11 edition of The Record Newspapers, is now outdated.

In February an earlier deadline was moved to June 8 by FEMA, after a request by Gov. Rick Perry’s office. A claimant cannot file or supplement a claim after the June 8 filing deadline.

The extension also applies to residents along Louisiana’s southeast coast who filed claims after Hurricane Gustav.

According to FEMA, “Any person who is insured by flood insurance issued directly by the National Flood Insurance Program or through private insurance companies issuing flood insurance coverage under the Write Your Own (WYO) program, must file a POL form in order to receive their insurance payment for flood-related damage.  Once this is filed, the insurance provider uses the POL to determine the amount of insurance payment.”

Adjusters must visit the site in question, complete an estimate and allow for any contests by the property owner. Finally, the POL must be filed with the insurance provider. A claimant cannot file or supplement a claim after the June 8 filing deadline.

The law firm of Martin L. Mayo and Associates in Houston began working with Perry’s office in September 2008, to request the extension.

“FEMA recognized the enormous number of unfiled claims,” Mayo said in a release. “The new deadline gives flood victims additional time to fully explore the extent of their damage and prepare claims.

Ike may be recorded as the third most damaging hurricane, after Andrew (1992) and Katrina (2005), Mayo said.

He added, “Several factors have led to delays in proof of loss submission for many homeowners, among them – a shortage of insurance adjusters from flooding events across the nation in 2008, and the fact that damages related to flooding are not immediately apparent.”