Charles and I met up with our new friends, Sue and Cecil about two weeks ago and they had a recipe for me. Sue said it was her sisters as well as Cecil’s favorite.

We also met Edna last week and she gave me an unusual cake recipe for next week.

• 1 box white cake mix
• 4 egg whites
• 1 1/3 cup water
• 1/2 cup oil
• 2 cups coconut flakes
• 1 can coconut cream
• 1 large whipped cream

Using blender on high, blend cake mix, water, egg whites, with one cup coconut flakes. Reduce speed to low and blend one more minute.

Bake in 9×13 jelly roll pan that has been greased and floured for 34 to 38 minutes on 350 degrees.

Let baked cake cool for 10 minutes. Punch holes all over cake. I use a drinking straw. Sue doesn’t say what she uses.

While the cake is still warm, pour the can of coconut cream all over the top.

When cake is cooled, serve with whipped cream and remainder of coconut.

I don’t know what you are to do with the left over egg yokes. I made a pan of sweet yellow corn bread, put it in a glass of milk and pigged out.

This cake is Gooder’n Syrup. Von