Bridge City Middle School is getting ready to Relay. The team will be “Rocking Around the Jukebox! ‘One Fine Day … We’ll Find a Cure,’” at the Orange County Relay for Life, set for May 1-2 at Bridge City High School’s football stadium.
The 2009 annual fundraiser for the American Cancer Society begins at 6 p.m., Friday night and will last until 6 a.m. the following morning.

Team Captain Marty Taylor said, “This is our third year to participate in Relay For Life. 2007 was our first year to participate and we had one team – ‘Godsy’s Guerrillas’ which was named after our principal who has since retired.  In 2008 we had two teams — Bridge City Middle School (BCMS) Red and Bridge City Middle School White.”

This year’s Relay for Life will see the BCMS Red and White teams returning, along with six of the original team members.  They are Marty Taylor, Michele George, Bill Dixon, Leslie Lloyd, Cindy Landrum, and Sherry Mulhollan.

“We became involved in Relay for Life because two of our teachers, Suzanne Miller and Regina Gaspard are cancer survivors and many of us had family members who are survivors or victims of cancer,” Taylor said.

Taylor said that at their first Relay for Life, the team did not really know what to expect.

“Everyone had such a good time Relay night that more wanted to join and help raise money,” she said.

Each year, the school’s students, sixth through eighth graders, have been a part of the BCMS Relay for Life, although the students did not participate at the all night American Cancer Society fundraiser.

“Our first year, our former physical education Coach Mary White challenged her athletic girls to raise a thousand dollars and she would walk all night if they met the challenge.  The girls raised the money and Mary spent the night walking,” she said.

Additionally, Bridge City Middle School’s national junior honor society and student council have helped raise money for all three years. 

“This year BCMS Red will be made up of some of those students. This will be our first year with students on a team.

“Last year many of our students who helped stayed the night as guests. We decided this year, because of all their work, it was time for them to be part of a team,” she said.

The criteria for student team members will be grades, discipline, and service hours. The students are eager to be part of Relay.

The team fundraisers started in the fall.

“Every year we strive to beat the previous year’s donation.
Over the past three years the team has utilized many different activities to fundraise: a talent show, matchmaker at Valentine’s Day, cap/slipper day, blue jean day, quilt raffle, concession stands, and  a dunking booth.

Hurricane Ike did slow the team’s start for Relay this year; however it did not impact the teams’ commitment to the American Cancer Society. 

“Last year we sold football programs and had concessions stands at our volleyball games.  Our first concession stand was in December—our first is usually in September.  The kids are really working hard to makeup for the lost time,” Taylor said. 

The team’s advice to new team members:  “Be prepared to work hard at fundraising and have fun the night of Relay.”

For more information about participating in Orange County Relay for Life, contact Becky Grant at;  Kerri Morrell at; or Jacki Burleson at 835-2139.

Teams may also register online at