Marriage Licenses Issued By
The Office of Karen Jo Vance, Orange County Clerk
For The Week of March 9, 2009 thru March 13, 2009

James R. Gilliam and Christine J. Abbott
James T. Palumbo and Sabrina M. Henry
Rickey D. Carter and Apryl C. Carter
Frank E. Scarbrough and Cristy D. Butcher
Gary D. Stanley and Sandra E. Kornegay
Calvin R. Lewis and Tonja M. Walding
David A. Newton and Kimberly L. Barclay
Darrin J. Smith and Sarah A. Martin
Joshua B. Davis and Joanna C. Franks
Shad H. Melton and Tina R. Tomkins
Richard T. Ward and Juanita M. LeBlanc