Another week rolls around. We needed the rain, the cold was OK but we could have done without the wind. Flower blooms are breaking out all over. It’s starting to look a lot like spring. I think all of us, who for six months have been under the pressure of rebuilding, will now feel better and our attitudes will improve. That is if the mosquito man comes and takes care of those ‘Skeeters’ so we can do a little improving outdoors also. God knows we need to but last week the ‘Skeeters’ wouldn’t let us stay out.
Cal Broussard vowed that someday he would again break bread with his buddies at the Wednesday Lunch Bunch gathering and last week two dozen friends greeted him there. Friend Betty Lou Womack and Cal’s son Dominic also joined the Bunch. For six months in the hospital, 14 operations and a couple of near death experiences, Cal finally got that big bowl of gumbo at Robert’s that he had looked forward to. For six months he hadn’t been able to swallow food or drink. His perseverance is remarkable; his long fight to live and make it is amazing. He’s not ready to run a foot race and he’s learned not to try to walk without his walker nearby but he’s improving every day. It’s a great story of survival. He looks forward to being with his friends every week for a long time. We pray that he will. *****Well, I’ve got to move on. I hope you will come along, it won’t do you no harm.


No one has to tell you that we’re in the worst economic times since the depression. This is a difficult time in America as well as around the globe. What I’m seeing at my senior age is that a new world is being created. A new economy is altering the way the younger generations will have to think and plan. Financial giants are shaky, lending is tight, and the FDIC has tightened on start-ups. Super cautious regulators, at all cost, want to avoid missteps. What is old will be new again. The best shot for the young is their local, small banks. All of us, 50 years ago, got our start by sitting down with our banker and laying our cards down. In most cases, after proving our ability to pay and not be over extended in our new venture he could say yes or no on the spot. Most good bankers, the ones who don’t consider you just a number, will give you good advice. They have learned the good and bad of it through the experience of others. Your friend at the bank could be a great asset, as mine was during many ups and downs.
Young people, during these trying times, must soon learn that their jobs are to be treasured, not just a place to show up five days a week. Jobs will be hard to keep in the days of the cutbacks. It’s crunch time in every aspect of our lives. We have all become spoiled, especially the young who came up in good times, lacking for nothing. Their taste will have to drop from champagne to beer not knowing when the axe will fall. There are still great opportunities but they will take far more effort and dedication than the younger generation is used to.
Those who watch their P’s and Q’s and make every dollar count will be successful. It’s easy, just find the need and fill it and be willing to put in all the hours it takes. Have a good banker who’s willing to bet on you. Small banks or credit unions are safe and solvent and at this time the best gamble-free place to save your money. Gamble only with funds you can spare and there are probably some very good crapshots out there if you can hang on for the come because it will likely be a while.
That’s the way this old man sees our changing world. You will have to keep up with the changing times of technology, something my generation didn’t have to sweat. In fact, I’m writing this in long hand. You will fall way behind if you don’t attempt to keep up. You’d best be up to speed and that takes a lot more effort than just hard work and long hours. Laziness in these competitive times, with no short cuts, is a sure recipe for failure.

 30 Years Ago-1979

Betty Jo Spence, editor of the Opportunity Valley News, published a story on Arthur E “Terry’” Lyons, a 1 to 5 p.m. disc jockey on KOGT-AM. Lyons went to work for the radio station two months ago. All of this seems very natural except for the fact that Terry Lyons is blind. Born in St. Louis, Terry was three months premature, weighing only two pounds, nine ounces. Too much pure oxygen while in the incubator caused the retina of the eyes to burn out. On sunny days, he has only slight light perception. He attended Texas State School for the Blind. In May 1927, Terry graduated from the University of Texas with a Bachelor of Science Degree in radio, television and film. Hired by station manager Bill Fort, Terry has become a part of “Orange County Country” with his “Country Kitchen” radio show. Spence’s article covered two pages of this dynamic guy’s daily happenings and habits, from radio to movie-going. (Editor’s note: Terry Lyons had lost his job when management changed at the station. When Gary Stelly bought KOGT in 1992, he brought the talented blind man back to Orange trying to build a strong base of loyal fans. Since Stelly bought the station on-air personality Richard Corder, suffered a stroke and retired after 50-years and just a few weeks ago, and disc jockey Rex Russell died unexpectedly. Lyons was on the air until he unexpectedly died in his sleep July 17, 2004.*****The home of “Jimmy” James Kirby Conn and wife Inez, on Cherokee Trail in Little Cypress, was destroyed by fire. Jimmy is at Baptist Hospital in Beaumont and expected to recover. His wife perished in the fire.

35 Years Ago-1974

Jim Ehlert, formerly of Quick Car Wash, has joined Harmon Chevrolet as a new car salesman. *****Maac Hughes has opened a new sign company located on Texas Avenue in Bridge City. *****Carl Thibodeaux of West Orange Pharmacy is collecting old prescription bottles and has asked the public to bring them by if they have any. (Editor’s note: I wonder if the judge still has that large collection.)*****Doug Patterson, a professional baseball pitcher with the Baltimore organization, has reported to the Rochester Red Wings spring camp. The six feet, 3.5 inch hurler said, “I’ve spent three seasons in Class A. I’m really hoping to become a regular starter with Ashville, the Oriole’s Class AA entry in the Southern League. With Dennis Duhon deciding to remain at the University of Houston for the spring semester instead of returning to the St. Louis Cardinals training camp, Doug becomes Orange’s only pro-baseball player in the 1974 campaign*****Pretty Patricia Acosta was chosen Little Cypress Football Sweetheart for the past 1973 season.

50 Years Ago-1959

County Judge Sid J. Caillavet, at a hearing in Austin to protest the state wanting to boost truck load limits from 58,000 to 72,000 pounds, told legislators, “The only time we catch an overweight truck now is when they go through a bridge floor and we find them there the next morning, still stuck.”*****Orangefield girl’s basketball team on the way to a state championship. Team coach Adolph Hryhorchuk is considered one of the best coaches in the state. Team members are Adell Cox, Wilma “Rusty” Montagne, Ruth Winfree, Joy Heathman, Robbie Self and Ginger Trahan. Orangefield plays Brenham next. *****State Rep. Louis Dugas introduced two school bills. *****Lou Costello dies of a heart attack. He and Bud Abbott split up two years ago.

60 Years Ago-1949

Shangri La, fabulous Azalea and Camellia gardens of Mr. and Mrs. H.J. Lutcher Stark, is open to the public Sunday 1 p.m. to 5 p.m. Dogs are banned.*****City Judge A.H. Prince warned that all jaywalkers would be fined. *****Orange County natives Bum Phillips and H.W. “Chief” Wilson are both on the SFA baseball team. They will report to the team as soon as spring football training is over. *****A contract has been let for a new Bridge City school. O.W. Collins was awarded the contract. His bid was $10.85 per square foot. Grover Die, superintendent, estimated school and equipment would cost about $136,000, including architectural fees. (Editor’s note: I wonder which school that was? Probably Hatton.)


Harmon’s Pre-Owned Cars have a sharp, red 1979 Ford Ranchero, V-8, 5.8L, 4-barrel carburetor. A real collector’s item priced right and worth much more. Roy has been looking at it and says, “I sure would like to have it but I guess I’m too old to start collecting cars again. Plus, Ms. Phyl says they need the coins to finish repairing the house.” He says he may figure how to get that fine vehicle yet but getting by Phyl will be the hard part. I bet he’ll watch someone drive off in it with envy. *****We were sorry to hear about the death of Jimbo David, on March 12 at age 49. To his dad Julius, brother Larry and partner in Orange Insurance Agency and all their siblings, we send our condolences. *****With deep sadness we learned of the death of Leon Parish, 90, who passed away March 14. A war hero during WWII, Leon would do to ride the range with. We lost a great sportsman from the greatest generation. We will never forget him and his friendship to all who knew him. *****Darryl and Greta Brinson stopped by Sunday morning. They were in from Houston attending a McNeese track meet where son Shaun participated. Son Eric, who attended Lamar at age 15, is now attending college in Houston. *****St. Joseph’s Altar, at St. Mary Catholic Church, will be held next Sunday, March 22. It’s one of the special events of the year with many wonderful people taking part and preparing all the great, unusual food and pastries. *****Bernie Madoff is the perfect name for a guy who “Made-Off” in a $50 billion Ponzi scheme. Families were ruined, victims have killed themselves, and charities have had to shut down because of his actions. Madoff arrived in court in a dark suit, wearing a bulletproof vest. He plead guilty to 11 felony counts. Some feared this was one more scam to protect his family and conceal his true villainy. Where’s the money? Even if he gets 100 years in prison, odds are that no one will come away feeling justice was done. He did start out as a lifeguard then drowned a lot of people. He’s a thief and a very evil man that could look people in the eye while he stole from them. Greed might have played a part by those who gave him the money but government bares responsibility also. They let Bernie make off with people’s money for more than 20 years without even a hand slap. For that the government should have to pay up a reasonable amount to those charities and individuals who lost everything if they don’t find the money.*****Our buddy Euel Norwood celebrates his special day this week. So does Roman Carpenter and Carson Carpenter, Joseph Blanda, Louise Wood and Grant Kimbrough. *****Our friend Warren at Claybar Funeral Home will celebrate March 25. *****Happy anniversary to Tim and Joy Hughes on March 22. ***** Jerry Pennington and his lovely wife Susan celebrate on March 26. *****Celebrity birthdays: Would you believe sexy Vanessa Williams who was forced to give up her Miss USA crown will turn 46 on March 18?*****Bruce Willis, 54, and Glenn Close, 62 both on March 19.*****Rosie O’Donnell, all of 47 on March 21.*****It was Orange County Night at the Fat Stock Show and Rodeo Friday. Riding the wagon leading the grand entry were Sheriff Keith Merritt and wife Marlene, Bridge City Mayor Kirk Roccaforte, who convinced Shirley he was going to attend a meeting so she missed the ride. Also on board were Tyler Angelle, Glenn Hughes and “Go Texans” for Orange County who traveled to Houston by bus. Clint Black entertained and everyone had a great time.*****It’s official, CVS is coming to Bridge City as well as other establishments, including one or two restaurants and another hotel. We ran into Wesley Dishon who plans to move back home next week. He says most of the folks in his subdivision are about finished with repairs and some new homes and garden patio homes are planned. Things are moving in Bridge City and the future looks brighter.*****Judge Thibodeaux and wife Mike traveled from Washington to New York last week. We got a call that Judge Carl had been spotted in the audience of the David Letterman Show. “You sure,?” we asked. “There can’t be another mug like that one in the country,” came the response. *****Congrats to the Bridge City Lady Cardinals power lifting teams, who won the 3-A Regional championship again, finishing way ahead of the pack. Valerie Brown was the outstanding lifter in the heavyweight division. The team will compete in the state meet March 20 in Corpus Christi. Ricci Shoemaker, Alexa Richmond, Brittany Myers, Rosemary Truong and Amy Caillouet all qualified. Other team members are Whitney Leblanc, Gabby Brown, Nicole Threatt and Taylor Daville. Go get ‘um girls.*****Regan Dugas came by for a visit. He is now associated with Conn’s in Orange. He says ask for him when you come to the store. *****Don’t buy into the hype that casino gambling in El Paso and Livingston is good for Texas. The next move will be to open gambling in Texas’ large cities and that won’t help us. In fact, it will hurt our little part of Texas. We can quit building hotels and a lot of loyal folks will lose their jobs in Louisiana. House Speaker Joe Straus has family ties to the horse racing business so let our state representatives know that they should not support casino gambling.*****Dick Cheney said on CNN they had accomplished all their goals in Iraq. I’ll buy that. Their main goal was to upset the Mid-East oil industry and they certainly were successful at screwing up the oil market to big oil’s advantage. *****To date 4,248 United States service members have been killed in Iraq. *****It’s political pandering for Gov. Rick Perry to turn down the $555 million from the stimulus package when officials say the unemployment money is drying up. Perry is trying to lasso the far-right base for his run against Kay. Rick has lived out of the public trough for 24 years. Taxpayers are renting him a house on top of the scenic hilltop in Austin at $7,000 a month plus utilities, house help and all the extras. Unemployment is 9 percent in Southeast Texas and the fund will be drawn down by August. You go figure.*****We ran into David Claybar at the Outpost last week. He’s doing great. Wife Peggy, after 35 years, went back to school and today she is a registered nurse in Port Arthur, hoping to be in Orange soon. She’s one of Orange County’s beautiful people.*****Speaking of beauty, our county clerk Karen Jo Vance attended the Lunch Bunch last week. Another visitor was our buddy Tom Perry. The Bunch dines at Robert’s Restaurant each Wednesday. Everyone is welcome.


Tammy Stark, Hannah Walles, Blaine Slaughter, Buffy Dioron, Christin Wright, Courtnie Campbell, Deborah Miller, Roman Carpenter, Ben Walles, Brandy Mayo, Donna Fong, Jamie Preston, Jan Savage, Kamela Latiolais, Keely Benefield, Brittany Backer, Erma Goss, Ester Brown, Kyle Anderson, Otto Whisenant, Ramona Huff, Ruth Mason, Stephen McKenzie, Tanya Simon, Lisa Roberts, Shirley Musser, Carroll Kile, Carsen Carpenter, Euel Norwood, Margaret Boehme, Margery Sargent, Natalie Sarvar, Renee Dillon, Tiffany Smith, Helen Clark, Cambree Williams, Grady Rawls, Hannah Drane, James Stone, Joseph Blanda, Louise Wood, Mary Ann Smith, Zara Killman, Brenda Edwards and Grant Kimbrough.

Coo-Coo Ledeau’s pregnant sister, Marline, was in a terrible car accident and went into a deep coma her. After six mon’hs, she wakes up and see dat she is no longer pregnant. Frantically she axe da doctor about her baby.
Dr. Leblanc, him, replies, “Ms. Marline, sha, you have some twins you, a boy and a girl. Da babies dem, are fine and your brotter came and named dem.”
Marline tink to herself, “Oh no, not my brotter Coo-Coo, he’s an idiot him.”
Expecting the worst she says, “Doc, mais wat is da girl’s name hanh?”
“Denise,” says da doctor.
Da new mama says ,”Wow, dats a beautiful name. I guess I was wrong about my brotter me, I like Denise.” Den Marline axe, “Well, doc, wats da boy’s name?”
Doc he answer, “De Nephew.”


I thought about our little buddy Logan Dubose who has the Cajun dialect down pat. This week’s Cajun story is a good starter story.*****Cecil’s Chrysler, Dodge and Jeep, on IH-10, is offering across the board, honest, good deals. Right now you can make a new car deal at nearly used car prices. Check them out. In fact, look at all the good buys throughout our pages. You won’t find any crooks or anyone baiting and switching and charging you for pinstripes and spare tires when you show up. You can’t go wrong dealing with our family of advertisers. *****At this time my best bet to become the winner of American Idol is Danny Gokey. With Adam Lambert on his heels. I look for our boy from Jasper, Michael Sarver, to finish fifth or sixth. That should be good enough for a fat contract and a good living here after. He won’t return to the oilfields.*****I’ve got to shut down for this week. My time is up but I sincerely thank you for yours. Please read us cover to cover and mention us to anyone you trade with. We reach more customers at a lower rate. Take care and God bless.