Elizabeth Swan, Houston Area Library System Director (HALS), and Wendy Willeford, HALS Consultant, visited the Bridge City Public Library recently. Elizabeth expressed pleasure at seeing the progress that has been made since she last visited last fall. She did show concern that after nearly six months the public still cannot have access to the collection and that no computers were available. 

“People who are putting their lives back together and constantly working on getting back into their homes need a place of comfort where they can step out of that environment into a quiet place where they can access books, computers and other materials. Libraries serve that role in the community and I am surprised that your city has not been more active in getting the library up and running.” 

Wendy agreed with her and stated that the library was getting a new beginning. “I love the new walls and floor, but I’m surprised that there is no furniture yet and I am concerned that the new bathrooms are not ADA compliant.”

Both women were very impressed by the courage of the citizens in taking a positive attitude in getting their lives back to as normal as possible. “We’re looking forward to visiting again and seeing even more improvements in your hard hit community,” they said.