The body of 53-year-old Lindsey Joseph Bertrand Jr. was recovered from the Neches River shortly after 5:30 p.m. Friday. Orange County Officials received a 911 call just before 3 p.m. about the possible drowning of the Vidor man at Four Oaks Ranch Road at the Salt Barrier.

Four witnesses who were fishing on the bank of the river, said Bertrand went into the water to remove a log that was obstructing their fishing area. Bertrand went out about 30 feet, went under and did not resurface, according to the group. When attempts to locate Bertrand were not successful, the Orange County Sheriff’s office was called.

Vidor Fire Department, Texas Game Wardens, Federal Park Rangers and Beaumont Fire Officials had boats in the water searching for the victim. The body was found not far from the shore.

Det. Chad Hogan of the sheriffs office advises that the waters of that area are treacherous and swimming should be with extreme caution.

Bertrand’s sister told officers her brother was not a strong swimmer.

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