I don’t usually pay attention to commercials on TV, however, last week they were advertising hamburgers and I weakened.

I told Charles we were going to have hamburgers for supper and I’d pay. That was my first mistake. I don’t guess that I have paid since we owned the Ranch House in Bridge City back in the ‘50s. We sold burgers for 25 cents, or five for $1.

After we sold the cafe we would go to Bridge City and get burgers in a basket. We went to the local hamburger place and I ordered two small hamburgers, an order of fries and one order of onion rings. I had my $10 in my hand and had to dig for three more. Well, I won’t to do that again, at least if I have to pay.

So I am going to give you my burger, hamburger steak and meatball ideals.

Ground chuck, ground round is too dry and hamburger meat is too greasy. 1 egg and 1 package of dry onion soup mix, salt, pepper and red pepper if desired; mix well. 1 box of inexpensive sandwich bags and cheap throw-away plastic gloves.

Divide the meat into hamburger balls. Place on in lunch bag and press to make burger. If you are doing burger steak, place 2 in a bag and press. Now you can put them in a freezer bag and when you are ready to cook, take them out, cut bag from meat and when the freezer bag is empty, wash it, hang it out to dry and you have a clean bag for the next time.

When cooking hamburger steak, brown one side, turn over and add 1 sliced onion and a tax of Worchester sauce to the burger.

For the meatballs, brown on both sides, remove from skillet, add 1 chopped onion, 1/2 chopped bell pepper and 2 stalks celery chopped. If there isn’t enough grease to saute vegetables, add 1 tablespoon butter. When they are almost done, it is time to add your spaghetti sauce and meatballs and simmer until done.

If you had rather have brown gravy, use water and powdered roux for the sauce and serve over instant rice instead of spaghetti.

The best part is, you don’t have to get your hands messy and it saves your expensive freezer bags.

How about Joyce Risinger’s no cook fudge for dessert?

• 4 cups powdered sugar
• 8 ounces softened cream cheese
• 4 ounces melted unsweetened chocolate
• 1/2 cup nuts
• 1 teaspoon vanilla
• dash salt

Gradually add the powdered sugar to the cream cheese mix and mix well. Mix the warm chocolate thoroughly in the mixture. Stir in nuts and vanilla and salt. Butter an 8-inch square pan, pour in candy, chill and cut.

I haven’t made this yet but it sounds gooder ‘n syrup. Von