Quick! Raise you hands, all of you who received a check from Washington for this next month’s mortgage payment.

No? How about a check for a week’s worth of groceries?

You’re kidding? How about a full tank of gas at least?

Huh! I figured by now all of those who voted for the current administration would be living in the lap of luxury while the rest of us who, like dummies, worked to pay the bills.

Oh, well. Give it time. (Like, forever)

After all, as I remember, we were promised that the wealthy, the well-heeled, those with the money would be taxed heavily while the those with lower incomes would see less taxes. Soak the rich, save the poor. Isn’t that what we all heard? Isn’t that what they promised? We’ll transform your life by soaking the rich.


Now, you had to be living under a rock not to be aware that, with government knowledge, AIG used bailout money (yours, mine, and our tax money) to give selected employees up to six million dollar bonuses, one ranging up to 6.3 million.

Boy, that’s really soaking the rich, huh?

So now, the government, whose sworn mission it is to help you, is busy trying to figure out what to do about such a flagrant misuse of bailout money. And the guys up there in Congress are donning the sackcloth of righteous indignation and demanding explanations from AIG.

Give me a break. It is politics as usual, for these are the same jokers who approved the bonuses in the first place.

It’s true. Honest Injun.

When the Senate was putting the stimulus bill together last month, Senate Banking Committee chairman Chris Dodd, added the “Dodd Amendment” that provided an exception for AIG bonuses contracted prior to February 11, 2009. This exempted the very bonuses Dodd and Congress are now trying to take back.

Talk about hypocritical politics. And yet, what kind of odds will you give me that Connecticut Democrats will probably return Dodd to the Senate.

Though the president claims otherwise, the White House knew about the bonuses before hand. He had to. You want to know why? According to Diana West of the Washington Times, Dodd received $103,000 from AIG. And right behind him was our president, Barack Obama, who received $101,000.

Looking after us? Wow, that must be a whole different definition of “looking after us” than I was taught. On the other hand, maybe that $101,000 is to pay your next month’s rent, you think?

All of them in Washington knew about the bonuses. Why? Because last fall, Congress learned of the millions in bonuses when they were questioning AIG’s junkets.

Now, you tell me why they didn’t do something about it at that time. Maybe some tried. Maybe the liberal media ignored them. Maybe Chicken Little’s sky fell. I have no idea. All I know is they knew, and they kept quiet.

But the word got out, and now Congress is trying to recoup the bonuses, something that should never have been compensated with bailout funds.

Back in the early ‘90ss, President Clinton wanted to limit “excessive” salaries to one million dollars, saying that any amount over that figure could not be used as a tax deduction.

So, the sly CEOs simply paid a million dollar salary and made the remainder a bonus. That, dear readers, was the origin of bonuses. Those old boys might be sly, sneaky, and shifty, but they sure aren’t dumb.

The only difference between them and our congressmen is that our guys are dumb, but not as dumb as those of us who keep putting them back in office.