The Little Cypress-Mauriceville High School Student Council was successful in a bid for 2009-10 vice president of the Texas Association of Student Councils (TASC) at the annual conference earlier this week. 

The LC-M delegation presented their platform and campaigned before 4,300 students from across the state of Texas, the largest attendance in conference history and larger even than the National and World conventions. Several criteria had to be met for the school to even qualify to run for office, including a platform and a skit that included the entire student council. 

Although the school’s student council runs for office as a group, one person is the voice of the school at convention and will be the representative for LC-M on the TASC board in the vice president role. This student is junior, Kolby Flowers. According to Flowers, “It was an amazing experience to run for Vice President, and I am looking forward to serving the students of the State of Texas. However, I could not be in this position without the hard work and dedication of my fellow student council members. It is an honor to represent my family and my school, but most importantly it is an honor to represent my student council sponsor, Stacey Smith. She is a remarkable leader and without her we would have never have come close to winning this election. I thank her for not only believing in me to represent LCM, but I thank her for her countless hours of dedication and hard work that she has put in to go above and beyond what we thought possible.”