Marriage License: Issued By
The Office of Karen Jo Vance, Orange County Clerk
For the Week March 30, 2009 thru April 3, 2009
John K Howes and Monica N Killgore
James D Loden and December A Bloomer
Larry L West and Sally K Hammerly
Shawn Lingenfelter and Sandra D Freed
Ahmad Iqbal and Muniba Riaz
Gregory A Stogner and Shelley R Yellott
Michael W Moore and Crystal M Timberlake
Eleuterio R Hernandez and Bridgette A Mickle
Anthony E Jackson and Alanna B Jones
Owen L Horn and Heather N Collier
Ty A Maines and Jaisa E Walker
Richard L Banks and Linda L Miller
Timothy J Andrews and Sally C Kirkpatrick
Clifton Z Piper and Melinda A Stringer
John D Windham and Carla S Owen
Edgar H Flowers Jr and Sherri L Flowers

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