Mrs. Sharon Woolley, a veteran teacher of 28 years, was recently named one of the winners of the Reaud Excellence in Education Award. The award is given annually to outstanding teachers in the Southeast Texas area, sponsored by  The Beaumont Foundation. Teachers and students at Bridge City High School nominated Mrs. Woolley. 

To qualify for the award, Mrs. Woolley had to meet high standards and practices of the teaching profession. Some of the qualities included:

Dedicated, knowledge, and skill;
The expertise to inspire students of all backgrounds and abilities;
Professionalism and collegiality;
The ability to create a classroom environment conducive to learning;
The respect and admiration of students, parents, and colleagues; and
Contributions to the wider school community.

According to Mr. Richard Briggs, principal of Bridge City High School, “Mrs. Sharon Woolley epitomizes excellence in the teaching profession. Children are better students, colleagues are better teachers, and all are better people for having had Mrs. Woolley a part of their lives.”

Presently, Mrs. Woolley is a teacher in the Family and Consumer Science Department. In addition, she is the sponsor of the Future Teachers of America organization, and the director of the Career and Technology Department.

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