The Longhorn Bull Bash series had one leader when the night started and another when it ended.

When the latest session of the Longhorn Bull Bash started last Friday night Timmy Faul was in the lead with 19 points followed by a three-way tie for second place with Chris Coody, Johnny Minix and Rusty Musgrove with 18 points each.

Dawson McKee was in third with 17 points and Josh Durant was claiming fourth place with 16 points. It was a night that could bring a change in the lead and it did. Landis Hooks returned to the arena as a rider, taking a night off from doing his judging behind the fence. Hooks came out strong on a brown and white bull that had been around SYJ’s pen a few years. H35 was a good bull with fire in his eye, but Hooks was able to hang on and make the eight. Judges Teddy Alleman and Danny Dugas liked what they saw and awarded Hooks 83 points. When the night ended the ride would earn Hooks first place and put $360 in his pocket. Sterling Johnson was next out on the bull that was named KD. KD is a black bull that comes out high and hard. When his front end hits the ground the legs are stiff, in a motion called “pile driving”, it gives the rider a jar from his boots to his hat.

Johnson made it through that move and a few spins and another buck or two. When the buzzer sounded the ride was worth 70 points. The ride earned Johnson fourth place, but no money for the night. Joe Bossier, Nathan Dupry, Josh Durant, Johnny Minix, Daniel Jetton, Shane Forsythe and Dawson McKee all came out and went to the dirt short of eight seconds. Minix was riding under a difficult circumstance. In addition to coming back from a severe back injury, Minix’s grandmother died that morning. “I thought about not riding tonight, but I know that she would have wanted me to ride, she was one of my biggest fans,” said Minix. Though he was short of the eight, Minix is coming back to form and should be scoring before long. Jetton is riding after an injury that fractured a vertebra in his neck. He is out of his brace but still rides a little stiff. Jetton started riding in high school and has a lot of experience for a young rider. It will not be long before he too is back to form.

The hard luck ride of the night was Chris Coody. Coody’s ride was so rough it is the unchallenged hard luck ride of the series. Coody drew M8 for his ride. M8 is one of those bulls that are capable of exploding at any time, usually the wrong time. The pairing of Coody and M8 was a good match. Coody was able to stay with the bucks and spins and ended the eight second ride scoring 78 points and earning second place and $216. The bomb went off at the end of the ride. When things happened they happened fast and furious. Coody had made his dismount but did not move out of the range of M8’s rear hooves. Coody was on his feet and M8 made a high, hard rear kick. The kick caught Coody and blew him into the air, easily eight feet high. As he was in the air, Coody’s body made a slight turn and as he came down he caught the top of the fence by the exit gate. From looking like a Frisbee he turned into a crumpled mess on the ground. The bullfighters moved in and kept M8 from making a return visit. When the bull left the pen, Coody regained his feet and walked out of the arena. It was the epitome of tough. Jacob Constance followed Coody and got bucked off short of time. Josh Barrentine followed Constance on bull 477, a big white bull with a few black spots. 477 blew out hard and kept thing interesting with some spins and low-grade bucks. Overall it was a good ride and Barrentine made the buzzer for 75 points, third place, and $144.

Timmy Faul ended the night on O69. Faul looked good for as long as the ride lasted. Unfortunately it did not last eight seconds. Faul was bucked off at around the six second mark on the watch. Series leader Faul ended the night still holding his 19 points for the series. Hard luck rider Coody had 18 points when the night started. His first place ride gave him 10 additional points in the series. His new total of 28 points puts him in a strong first place for the series. It will be hard to dislodge his position. The April 17 finals will be done in a PBR format. For the final rides the top 12 riders will be allowed to choose their bull from the available pen instead of having the regular draw. It will be an exciting competition for Tina Cotton’s $2,000 added money and the Broken Arrow buckle designed by Rodeo Director Coleman Peveto. When the rides are over and the awards made at the end of the finals, the night will end with a concert by Cross Canadian Ragweed.