About a year ago, when I started writing reviews, I wrote that the Lutcher always delivers and I have never been disappointed. 

Theater Managing Director Jim Clark’s response was, “Then you haven’t been to the theater enough.”

Well, I guess now I have.

Cirque Éloize: NEBBIA was…OK. 

It did have some good moments and my jaw dropped near the end with the contortionist, but the show was lacking in some areas. 

For starters, you couldn’t understand what they were saying. Some of it was in French and what was spoken in English was too fast with a heavy French accent (not Cajun French). I could only catch snippets of the dialogue. They managed to get their point across, but you had to work at it.

The other misstep was their use of misdirection. Use it when your trying to change sets but not in the middle of an act. They kept so many things going on, it took your attention away from the performance. This was most noticeable during the aerial frame, trapeze, and hula hoop. With the hula hoop, a fog machine on the side was blowing smoke rings. It kept drawing my attention each time it made a ‘poof’ sound as it released a new ring. I only saw maybe half of the hula hoop act.

As I said earlier, the contortionist was a jaw dropper. He literally had the bottom half of his body 180 degrees from the top of his body. Felix Salas from Paraguay was amazing. He was turning body parts in directions they were never intended to go.

If the entire show had been the quality of that performance, I would have been a happy camper. It wasn’t walk out of the theater bad, but it wasn’t jump to your feet with a standing ovation good either. The sound of applause and silence walking out of the theater would lead me to believe others shared my opinion. It was a loud polite applause and they did get a standing ovation, slowly – this is the south, after all – but the clapping could not be called ‘thunderous’ and there was no whooping, hollering or whistling.
It’s a shame, because I was really looking forward to this show.
I’m sure the Ten Tenors on Good Friday will be back up to the standards I expect from the Lutcher. I’ll see you there.

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