After Hurricane Ike, Golden Triangle Family Care Center (GTFCC) was heavily damaged, along with the rest of Bridge City. 

Despite the obstacles, Drs. Chris Penning and Servet Satir decided to re-open the practice as soon as possible to serve their community. So with restoration crews underfoot, the GTFCC re-opened Sept. 29, just 16 days after the hurricane.

For their service to the community, GTFCC has been named Bridge City Chamber of Commerce Business of the Month.

Dr. Penning opened a medical practice in 1992 after finishing his internship at Doctor’s Hospital in Groves. The first location for his practice was in the old Granger’s Seafood location. He relocated to another building a short time later while the new building, and current location at 615 W Roundbunch was being built.

Dr. Satir joined the practice in 1998, after he finished the residency program at Doctor’s Hospital in Groves.

Both physicians are board certified in Family Practice and have very strong ties to our community.

In 2008, Stephanie Hayden, RN FNP joined staff as a mid-level provider to meet the additional needs of the area.

Penning of Bridge City is married to Bethany and has two children, Samantha and Jeffery.

Satir, of West Orange, is married to Beverly and has two children, Olivia and Micah.

The doctors and their staff continue to address the needs of Bridge City residents and all their patients.

They enjoy being a part of the community.