It’s garden planting time and we’re still hoping to get some plants in at the Bucket Farm, even though it will be a while before we get back to the Creaux’s Nest. We drove by and saw that Neighbor Cox has put in a scaled down version of the neighborhood garden. Burl has worked up the sod for a garden spot and we will try to get a few peppers, tomatoes and etc. planted soon. I really miss our bucket peppers.*****Attorney H.D. Pate is back in Mr. Cox’s Neighborhood. Bill Nickum never left, Doug Harrington comes in for a day or two at Family Pharmacy every couple of weeks. Don Pate has built a nice apartment complex at what used to be our neighborhood park. The place is about ready for occupancy. The area has really changed since Ike but we’re going to make it fun again. I don’t know if the new apartment dwellers will ever fully appreciate what Cox’s neighborhood has meant to a bunch of great folks, for a number of years, with Ms. Virginia and Millard holding down the fort. Things are bound to get better.*****Speaking of getting better, here’s an update on our buddy Cal Broussard. After more than six months in the hospital without being able to swallow food or drink, 14 surgeries that often left friends and family thinking he might buy the farm, Cal is back. With a few weeks on the walker, a few more with a walking cane that he is about ready to separate from and daily therapy, old Cal is beating the odds. He’s gained a few pounds and is getting back to his fighting weight. His home on Cow Bayou, broadsided by Ike, will be ready as soon as the cabinets are in. I don’t know why he would be in a hurry to get there; he’s being treated like a king at pretty Ms. Betty’s place. His entire story is one of the great survival stories. Cal knows he’s been blessed and is thankful for one more shot at life. It won’t be near as exciting but more appreciated. Cal is a great friend and just a nice guy. I’ve got to move on. I’m going to short change you this week, I have to catch a big bird heading west. Come along on this shorter version, it won’t do you no harm.

The guns on campus bill passage looks likely. A bill allowing state university students and employees to carry concealed handguns on campus seems, at this writing, to have enough pledged support to pass the full Texas House. The bill would prohibit public universities from having rules that forbid license holders from carrying their pistols to class. “If it does make it to the Senate floor, we expect it to pass,” said Katie Kasprzak, Students for Concealed Carry On Campus group spokeswoman. “State after state have said no to it and this committee just chose to ignore them,” said Marsha McCartney, president of the North Texas Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence. “I’m not usually surprised about what goes on in Austin but I am terribly disappointed, “ she added. What we would like to know from you is what you think. Should concealed weapons be allowed on campus? Yes or No. Vote on our Web site at therecordlive.com. You may also fax us at 735-7346 or mail your answer to us at P.O. Box 1008, Bridge City, 77611. We will forward the results to our Legislators.


We were saddened to learn about the death of Arlene Johnston, 88, who died April 9. Graveside services were April 11 at Forest Lawn. She was laid to rest near her beloved son, Constable Parker “P.T.” Thompson. P.T. loved his mom very much. He expressed his love for her openly and often. Ms. Arlene had a great family that she dedicated her life to. Her daughter Dot and sons Harold and Donald loved her and dad, Howard Johnston, very much. Mr. Johnson is a good man who has been dad to Ms. Arlene’s children for many years and has been steadfast in his loyalty and caring for his wife throughout her long illness. As for us, we are proud to call that great family our friends. Ms. Arlene will now join those that went before her. May this wonderful lady rest in peace. (Please see obit on Page 8A.)

50 Years Ago-1959

John W. Simmons commissioned as an admiral in the Texas Navy by Gov. Price Daniel.*****Orange Police Association elects detective Charlie Tyson president.*****Glenn Seale, H.R. Myers and Claude Broussard elected to the West Orange City Council.*****Businessman Joe Molley Sr. expires. His death was attributed to a heart attack. Burial was in Evergreen Cemetery. Pallbearers were Roy Mazzagate, Frank Zeto, Johnny Zummo, Frank Todaro, Joe Blanda, Vincent Rao, Elmer Newman and Bill Stark. (Editor’s note: The above names sound like the list of characters on the Sopranos. Seriously, I knew every one of them. They were great colorful folks.)***** The official resignation of city manager Marlin Thompson is effective May 15. Thompson will become a partner in Stepherson and Stepherson Law Firm. During two years as city manager, Marlin never took a vacation. (Editor’s note: We met Marlin when he first came to town as city attorney. He died a few years ago in an airplane crash in Arkansas that killed several, including his wife and Dewey “Teddy Bear” Cox.)

35 Years Ago-1974

Glen Peveto is a candidate for commissioner of Pct. 2.*****Grover Halliburton seeks re-election as county judge on April 18.*****Jo Amodeo will celebrate a birthday. She admits only to being over 21.*****Larry Gunter is running for JP of Pct. 2.*****Donald A. Gunn is a candidate for constable of Pct. 2.*****Claude Broussard is running for county commissioner, Pct. 2.*****On April  20, Eva Patin will become the bride of James Olliff.*****Judge Marlin Shelton, JP of Pct. 2 is running for reelection.*****James “J.R.” Aaron is a candidate for constable of Pct. 2.*****Glenn F. Seale is running for county commissioner, Pct. 2.*****Bill Dickerson is running for constable Pct. 2. (Editor’s note: That race has really gotten crowded. Constable Morris Collier also announced for commissioner, Pct. 2.)*****On April 28, the Rev. W.W. Kennedy will mark his 31st anniversary as pastor of the Cove Baptist Church. The Cove church was organized April 20, 1941, with 16 charter members. Rev. Kennedy was called two years later, April of 1943, with 63 members. Today, there have been 6,259 additions. ***** Third generation lawyer Martin Dies III is expected to enter the practice of law in Orange County. *****This week, Donnie Harmon was accepted by the University of Notre Dame. He will attend school there in the fall. *****Charlene Trahan has announced as a candidate for Justice of the Peace, Pct. 2. Also running in Pct. 2 is Larry Gunter, promising to be a full-time judge.*****Jim Dugas, Bo Bland and Louis Gay are at the El Matador Barber and Style Shop at MacArthur Shopping Center.*****The Bridge City girl’s volleyball team is the 10-AAA district champs for the second year in a row. Team members are Phyllis Shaw, Debbie Shaw, Marian Schexnider, Rhonda Martin, Debra Wagner, Joyce Mann, Candy Etheridge, Donna Calvert and Jana Russell. Coaches the team is Barbara Landry manager is Vickie Martinez.


Rush Limbaugh, who earned $38 million last year just running his head, has announced plans to sell his multi-million dollar New York condo because of the so-called millionaires tax in the state’s new budget. That got the following response from New York Gov. David Patterson, “If I had known that would be the results, I would have thought about the taxes earlier.” You remember when Rush, before he was outed as a big pill head, had these Rush rooms, where folks met to listen to his daily radio show. Well now, he is playing up a call against socialism, falsely claiming Obama as a socialist. Rush is getting a degree of results. Small groups are gathering around the country, in different cities, carrying signs against a growing national debt. Folks, that’s coming from people who supported an administration who more than doubled a 230-year-old national debt in just eight years. Remember the horrible wounds the previous administration inflicted on our country. Why not at least give the new administration a chance to turn things around and make our country prosperous again? Millionaires like Rush don’t care about our pocket book. Rush sold the Bush plan for eight years, made millions, bought a $28 million house in Florida and now he’s selling against healing the country, and folks who are not really thinking are buying into it and Rush gets richer.

Last week, Jack Smith and his sons attended the Masters in Augusta. Jack returned home just in time to hop a jet to Colorado where he met up with seven friends from around the country for an annual get together skiing vacation. Jack, at age 70, still skis, however, in 2006, he busted up a leg in a skiing accident. He takes the curves a lot slower now days. His wife was out of the country so he was free to run around the country.*****The Wednesday Lunch Bunch had a nice gathering at Van Choate’s Tuffy’s last week for their 13th anniversary gathering. (See photo on Page 9A.) The group will alternate meetings, one week at Tuffy’s, one week at Robert’s Restaurant. This week the Bunch will meet at Robert’s and as always, everyone is invited.******Van Choate’s Tuffy’s re-opened this week. The place looks good, the food is great. Each Thursday and Friday Tuffy’s will serve all the crawfish you can eat.*****On April 20, 1941, Cove Baptist Church was organized. They are celebrating their 68th birthday. See story by Robert Hankins.*****We received a load of compliments on our anniversary issue last week. I enjoyed it myself. We ran into Geraldine Simon, who said she could relate to Roy’s Highway column. She said her mom scrubbed her knees with a brush. Little girls, back then, played Jacks on their knees. Corky said his mom scrubbed his knuckles, which stayed dirty from shooting marbles, with a brush. Roy said he forgot to put in the story that his grandmother cleaned his ears by sticking what seemed like her entire finger in them while saying, “You could grow carrots in here.”*****Kim Brown, from Orange, named Peggy’s large, over a half-pound hamburger the “Cow Bayou Burger.” Her choice was selected so she gets the meals for two. Speaking of Peggy’s On The Bayou Restaurant, we stopped by last week and she whipped us up a dozen boiled crabs that came right off the boat. Large and full and seasoned just right.*****A Minnesota court ruled Monday that Democrat Al Franken won the Senate race against Republican Norm Coleman by 312 votes. The three-judge court ruled, “The overwhelming weight of the evidence indicates that the election was conducted fairly, impartially and accurately.” Sen. Coleman said he will continue to appeal. I guess he’s hoping for a miracle. *****As of Monday, 4,263 United States service members have been killed since the Bush / Cheney invasion of Iraq. The war of choice, with no benefit to our country, has cost the American tax-payer over a trillion dollars.*****The skill of  Navy SEAL sharpshooters, ordered by President Obama, freed Capt. Richard Phillips from Somali pirates Sunday. The Seals parachuted into the sea under cover of night and were picked up by the ship Brainbridge. Much was against them, the sea very choppy, the lifeboat covered and Capt. Phillips tied down. When, for a second, the pirates became visible, the Seals seized the moment. Three perfect headshots killed the pirates instantly and simultaneously. Capt. Phillips is called a hero for protecting his crew but what a great job American’s best, the Navy SEALS, did.*****Four variations of the new Lincoln penny will be introduced into circulation this year. The tail side features one of four different aspects of the 16th president’s life, a log cabin represents his Hodgenville, Kentucky birthplace, one design depicts his early years in Southern Indiana, another, his career in Illinois and also his presidential term in Washington. The new penny, slow to get into the hands of consumer’s pockets, is being sold for big bucks. The penny sells for $1 each, a 50-cent roll sells as much as $50. Folks, that’s really what we needed, more pennies.*****My choice to become American Idol since the beginning has been Danny Gokey, with Adam Lambert right on his heels. The big Mo looks like it has switched to Lambert. Still hanging strong is Allison Iraheta, with Matt Giraud wavering from great to poor. *****Good health news. A new oil with zero trans fat. Pioneer Hi-Bred says it’s genetically engineered soybean will make an oil that has no artery-clogging trans fats. Oh, boy! All the French fries you can eat and plenty of fried crabs. I bet McDonald’s and others will buy the healthy oil up and promote fried foods and chips that are healthy for you.*****A few special friends that we know who are celebrating birthdays. Linda Claybar, Kirby Cruse and Milred Hatton.***** Our buddy Bill Nickum celebrates this week.*****Also Christian Dubose, who is awaiting a new little brother or sister compliments of mom Joy and dad Robert Simonton.***** Belated birthday last weekend to just a great guy, Calvin “Little Cal” Stakes Jr. Glad to hear Doug Manning’s dad was out of the hospital.


John Langlinais, Linda Claybar, Shani Lawson, Debbie Aarons, Jaclyn Eickenhorst, Judy Pittman, Kirby Cruse, Lillian Mercer, Marie Duett, Quentin Billeaud, Betty Foreman, Jane Istre, Jessica Christiansen, Kaylie Byrd, Mildred Hatton, Natalie Miller, Rachel Fowler, Ronnie Haymon, Shelby Bickham, Shelby Sellers, Steve Evans, Whitney Anderson, Cheryl Puntes, Matthew Franklin, Megan Waguespack, Cheryl Patterson, Emily Gilson, John Fuss, Maurelle McDonald, Ryan Ferguson, Beverly Raymer, Bill Nickum, Donna Wiegreffe, Emory Webb, Ken Brown, Becky Atkins, Belinda Norman, Benjamin Ezell, Bonnie Short, Courtney Williams, Dana Hill, James Corley, Christian Dubose, Marshall Myers, Scott Fisher, Allison Rendall and Amelia Hollier.


Joe Babineaux’s daughter, Shirley Marie, got hired to work as a student nurse at Lafayette General Hospital. She found Alcid Thibodeaux, an elderly man, already dressed and sitting on da bed wit a suitcase at his feet. Thibodeaux insisted him, dat he didn’t need her help to leave da hospital. Shirley Marie explained to Mr. Thibodeaux dat hospital regulations require a wheelchair for patients being discharged.
Shirley Marie said, “Mr. Thibodeaux, you know rules are rules. Now get in dis wheelchair.”
Thibodeaux reluctantly let her wheel him to da elevator. On da way down Shirley Marie axked him if his wife was meeting him.
“I don’t know me,” he said, “She’s still upstairs in da bashroom changing out of her hospital gown.”

I’ve come to the end of the line. Let me caution you about something. If you are in the market to buy an automobile, you might want to be extra careful about who you deal with. Some out-of-town car dealers are fast-talking a deal you won’t get. Just check with the Better Business Bureau. Don’t be a victim or get bitten by the bait and switch game. Chances are they will sell you something they won’t deliver on. Another thing we have heard about is if something is wrong with the car you buy and you bring it in for repair, they may keep it for weeks and you are left afoot. Also, if you test-drive one of their cars, when you return it, your car might be missing. They hide it in order to apply more pressure for you to buy. I suggest you contact the car dealers who advertise in this paper. We know them to be reputable merchants. We know they won’t put you on the back burner if your vehicle needs repair. Right now, our dealers are giving sweet deals without all the gimmicks. They will give you the bottom line on an honest deal. We vouch for those who advertise with us. If you have any problem with any of them, just let us know. We will be the first to go up front for you because we don’t want the business of anyone not doing the right thing. We’re a family publication and believe in treating the consumer right. The same goes for appliance dealers, etc. Make sure they service what they sell right here locally and you will not be without an appliance for several weeks. I would hope that our advertisers are honest, decent business people and we believe they are. There are unfortunately crooks in any business. Check our dealers before you go running off to a trap that is waiting for you. *****Please look us over, read us cover to cover and tell the good folks we sent you. I’ve gotta run. Take care and God bless.

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