It was a great weekend of concerts.

The Lutcher Theater brought the Ten Tenors from Australia and Coushatta gave us Chicago (the band, not the play).

The Ten Tenors had something for everyone. It didn’t matter what genre of music you like, they had you covered. I think the only one they missed was country. Starting with Opera, they also played rock from the ‘60s, classical ballads, show tunes, songs from Australia, Elvis Presley, the ‘80s and even a little Queen.

Growing up, opera was my least favorite type of music, but I have come to appreciate it through the years. In fact, I had Neal E. Boyd pegged as the winner of the last America’s Got Talent season, from his first performance. Something in his voice always seemed to bring me to tears; funny how that happens.

I didn’t cry during the Tenors performance, but I did laugh, clap, holler and sing along as much of the audience did as well.

There are certain frequencies or tones that seem to vibrate your soul. I can’t tell you which they are; I just know when it happens. They hit that range from time to time Friday, but surprisingly the song that seemed to keep the flutter going was Australia’s “anthem,” “Waltzing Matilda.” Go figure.

The performance that impressed me the most was their rendition of Queen’s “Bohemian Rhapsody.”

That is an extremely difficult song they pulled off beautifully.

When they went into the medley of Elvis tunes, screams from the balcony sounded as if it was “The King,” himself.

It was an amazing show and the audience was treated to two encores.

It was while at the Tenors concert I found out there were Chicago tickets up for grabs.

The hour and a half drive to Coushatta was worth it. Opening with “Make me Smile” and “Color My World,” they went through 30 years of hits. There were two songs I wasn’t familiar with, but the rest was a collection of greatest hits.

Before the concert, the souvenir line for tee shirts was longer than either the concession or beer stand.

There were six to eight busses of people from The Woodlands that came for the concert and then hit the casino.

My sister, Sherry, and I did to. It’s all part of the plan. The first thing they do after validating your ticket is hand you a coupon for $10 free slot play. Sherry brought a couple of dollars home; I just supported Louisiana’s economy.

Not a bad weekend.

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