Orange County Sheriff Keith Merritt and employees unveiled a new graphic design for patrol cars at the Sheriff’s Office.  Merritt said, “This is a forward step in progress to bring a greater sense of pride and professionalism to the Orange County Sheriff’s Office.”

Although there have been many enhancements to the Sheriff’s Office inner operations since Merritt took office in January, the new vehicle graphic design is an improvement to the overall appearance that is immediately observable by the citizens.  “We wanted to incorporate a design that introduced an easily recognizable ‘new and improved’ Sheriff’s Office,” said Merritt. 

“I strongly believe that encouraging aesthetic improvements throughout the Sheriff’s Office will promote higher morale with the employees, which will in turn bolster professionalism and service to the public.”  

The new design utilizes the familiar Orange County Sheriff’s Office patch and a brilliant blue swoosh along both sides.  

Sheriff Merritt also said, “This new design is actually less expensive than the previous design.  Having the ability to introduce a new, fresh look to the Sheriff’s Office while saving tax dollars in the process is of great importance to me, and that’s what I will continue to do as I honorably serve the citizens of Orange County.”

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