We’re enjoying some great weather but Friday and Saturday brought five inches of rain. Some places more, others less, but we all got plenty. The Bridge City area, for many years, had drainage and flood problems but over the last few years, thanks to the city, commissioner John Dubose and especially Director Duhon and the Orange County Drainage District, most all of the drainage and flood problems had been solved. However, the heavy rains last weekend left water standing in places it didn’t before Ike. I don’t think it will be a big problem to correct; the culverts are just filled up with Ike’s mud and debris. That will be part of the infrastructure that will have to be done right along with street repairs. Everyone will just have to be patient. Meanwhile, the rain has caused the breeding of clouds of mosquitoes. The Skeeter truck is spraying but it will take several days in a row to eradicate them. It would be a good time to break out the plane. It could get a good test.*****I best get going and quit messing with the Judge. He might send the truck spraying only clear water. Get on board and come along, I promise it won’t do you no harm.

50 YEARS AGO-1959
Stuart Kinard, son of Mr. and Mrs. Dewitt Kinard became the first Orange County student to be elected president of Lamar Tech Student Council. (Editor’s note: If my memory serves me right, Dewitt was state representative from Orange before Louis Dugas. He also developed Kinard Estates.)*****Orange City Council unanimously employed Lee S. Vickers as city manager effective May 1. *****Four Orange County schools send runners to regional track meet. LCM’s Butch Honeycutt, 100 and 200 yard dash; Jerry Isbell, 120 high hurdles and 180 low hurdles, Boyd Petry, 440 dash, Jerry Stanford, Harold Marburger, Honeycutt, and Isbell, 440 relay, Butch Bishop, Johnny Taylor, Carroll Ellis and Petry, mile relay.*****From Bridge City J.C. Rush, 880, Roger Fontenot, Jerry Goodyear, Jerry Langhlin and James Britt, mile relay.*****West Orange’s Nolan Cirilo, mile relay, Jimmy Davis, 440, and Jimmy Richardson, 120 high hurdles.*****From Orangefield; Jimmy Starnes, high jump, Billy Rigby, 880 and Gerald Winfree, mile run.

35 Years Ago-1974
Bill Townes elected president of Bridge City School Board. He’s manager of Kroger’s in Orange. Other officers are C.W. Lormand, vice-president, Billy Christian, secretary and Gus Garza, treasurer.*****Glenn Earl, with Channel Four television, states publicly that he likes the Opportunity Valley Newspaper, especially pictures from out of the past.*****Tommy Segura, in the Air Force, is being transferred back to the states and that’s none too soon for Miss Anne. Tommy is her baby boy.*****Lee Brown, of Brown Hearing Center, has a painting by Gordon Baxter hanging on his Beaumont office wall.*****Willie Waldrop, the bearded reporter, has left Orange for a job with the Dallas Times Herald.*****Doug Harrington predicts ‘Streaking will never become a college team sport. Where would you sew the letter?”*****The second annual Bridge City Distributive Education banquet will be held April 24. D.E. student, Debbie McCardle, is with the OVN newspaper. Rusty Wilson is the teacher. (Editor’s note: Debbie is still in the newspaper business, still with the Dunn’s. She is now Mrs. David Fusilier, mother of three and also a grandmother .)*****Terry Hidalgo is now working for Charlie’s Furniture. (Editor’s note: What became of that pretty lady anyway?)*****Marilyn Wallace is the bride-elect of Gary Richard. The big day is April 27.*****Ramona Dillard will wed Roger Perry. A shower will be held April 26.*****Janis Hawley is the bride-elect of Jim McCary. (Editor’s note: I wonder if any of these couples are still together.)*****Mrs. Frances ‘Sissy’ Farenthold, candidate for governor, holds a rally at the Orange Court House. She’s opposing Gov. Dolph Briscoe. Pete Runnels, Orange County Democratic Chairman, introduced her. *****State Representative Wayne Peveto has asked to be re-elected for a second term.

30 YEARS AGO-1979
Mrs. Edna DeMary celebrated her 85th birthday a couple of weeks ago, April 6. She makes her home at 904 Cherry Street where she lives with her daughter Anabel and son-in-law Arthur Anderson. Ms. Edna was born in Hermitage, Louisiana, in Point Coupee Parish. She was the seventh of 10 children. Her mother was born in Washington, D.C.; her grandparents were from Frankfort, Germany and her father from Bordeaux, France. Edna met Felix DeMary, from Abbeville, on New Year’s Day in 1908 at a dance. They were married Dec. 2, 1911, in Beaumont. Edna had pneumonia and couldn’t make the trip for the Nov. 28 wedding to Felix. They met four days later, married at St. Anthony’s Catholic Church. (Editor’s note: Her life story with Felix is interesting. He was the third of 12 children. They were both from the Abbeville area. Her son-in-law, Arthur, has since died but her only child Anabel, who celebrates her 85th birthday in August, was still living at the Cherry Street address. Before Hurricane Ike, she had sold the property to St. Mary Catholic Church and is living with a daughter. She’s one of our great friends.)*****Attorney Marlin Thompson has been flying all over as of late, practicing law. He is considered an expert on asbestoses cases. *****Two Bridge City High students, Scott Barnes, son of Mr. and Mrs. Robert Barnes and Scott Fisette, son of Mr. and Mrs. Rod Fisette, placed as medallists in district golf competition held at Riverwood Golf Course in Vidor. Other team members are Mark Douglas, Greg Gooch, Hank Mires, Mitch Landry and Chris Sheppard. Troy Woodall coaches the team. *****Ralph Bufkin and Earl Tinsley are now owners of Orange Motor Company. (Editor’s note: I’m not sure what became of those old used car boys.)

The Golden Triangle Rose Society will have a rose show Sat. April 26 at Central Mall. Potted roses and rose arrangements will be on sale. Show time is 12 noon to 5 p.m. If you like roses, this is the place to be.*****If you like fresh vegestables, don’t miss the Farmer’s Market, early Sat. morning at Lion’s Park in Orange. Fresh picked veggies are getting more plentiful. Ya’ll come.*****Saint Mary School is also having their annual spring festival Saturday. Plenty to eat and a lot of fun including beach volleyball.*****Our longtime friend Essie Bellfield is running for the West Orange/Cove school board. Miss Essie, for a long time, has worked for the betterment of our community through various organizations. She has also served as mayor of the City of Orange. She doesn’t let any grass grow under her feet. *****Celebrity birthdays: Jack Nicholson, 72 on April 23, Shirley MacLaine, 75 and Barbara Streisand, 67, both on April 24. Al Pacino turns 69 on April 25.*****Some great folks we know who are having birthdays this week: Scott Fisher, Darby Byrd, Jason Smalley, Rev. Paul Zoch and Gus Harris. Not a bad hand to draw to.*****This week in 1951, President Harry Truman fired Gen. Douglas MacArthur. Appearing in front of the Congress, the General made his famous ballad quote, “Old soldiers never die, they just fade away.”*****Gov. Rick Perry has been slamming the Washington bailouts. He made a big stand last week against the stimulus money, even offhandly suggesting seceding from the Union. That was some more Perry grandstanding. He had already accepted $17 billion and now the state senate will take Obama’s $555 million unemployment money. Rick was lying through his teeth. He was shoring up his Far-Right base while bashing Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison as being a Washington insider. One thing that hasn’t changed about Rick, he’s still phony. Kay is going to make him look at his hole card.***** We just learned that Maurice Garrett and wife, Janie, recently became residents of The Meadows assisted living residence on Hwy. 105. For years, Maurice owned Garrett’s Auto Supply, operated by his brother ‘Red’ Garrett, who later owned the business. I drove by the place on 10th Street and was surprised to see that the building was gone. The lot looked really small. I first knew of Maurice around 1950, when he owned Garrett’s Sinclair Service Station, on the corner of Park and 10th Street. The Garrett boys were raised in Bronner Addition. They were all great guys. Red and Maurice might be the only two living. I know Peanut died many years ago.*****About the same time Maurice was in the station business so was Bill Stringer, his Gulf station was located at 7th Street and Green. He later had a beautiful daughter named Peggy. God she was pretty. She grew up to be Mrs. David Claybar and is now a registered nurse.*****At the same time, Harry Singletary owned the Studebaker New Car dealership at 210 Green Ave.*****McLamore Dodge/Plymouth was across the street at 205 Green Ave. Charles Hempel Buick was on 500 Main St.*****One most people won’t recall however, was C&M Motor Company, owned by J.R. Carpenter on Border Street. It was the new car dealership for Kaiser and Frazer.*****One place that was here then and is still going strong is Smith’s Reliable Dry Cleaners on the corner of Front and 4th Street.*****Others are Claybar Funeral Home, still on Pine and 5th also Farmer’s Mercantile, 6th and Division, still owned by the Harris family.*****I’d better quit reminiscing and get back to 2009. Fifty nine years fast forward to the present.*****Glad to be home again is Carol Bearden. Her home, on Jones in Bridge City, was highly damaged by Ike but is now repaired and Carol already has the yard looking great. She has a green thumb and a great work ethic. More and more folks are getting home. H.D. and Pat Pate moved in a few days ago at their Fernwood home. Things are looking up in Bridge City but there is still a long way to go. Many folks are gone and about 200 homes were sold or on the market. In fact, our friend Steve Culp, raised on Cow Bayou and a real Bridge City booster and former football player, has his home up for sale.*****Most businesses are up and running, others will be a while. Several new businesses are opening with more on the way. I predict that in three years folks will hate that they left this great community.*****On Sunday, April 26, one of the best parties ever is coming to Orange’s VFW Hall. The event is a fundraiser for Liz Langston and her family. This is a dinner and dance, loaded with lively swamp-pop music, from 2 p.m. to 7 p.m.  A few groups performing are Louisiana Express Band, G.G. Shin, Jerry ‘Count Jackson’ Lacroix, Alfred Allemond and Joe Cordova and ‘The Whole Shootin’ Match’ plus others. A silent auction and raffle will also be held. The event is only $10 in advance, $15 at the door, bring your own bottle. Tickets can be purchased at Mathew’s Jewelers, BoJangles and Golden Triangle Industries, on Hwy. 62. Contact Constable Chris Humble if you need more info or other ticket locations. You don’t want to miss this party and it will help a nice lady and her family. I’ll be there. *****The Lutcher Stark class of 1953 will have a Mini’ reunion Sat. April 25, 6 p.m. at Robert’s Restaurant. All grads, regardless of the year of graduation, are invited. No reunion fees, just pay for what you eat. For information contact Berry Vincent, 543-5478 or Beverly Perry, 738-3000.*****Cindy Gunn is not only one of the prettiest ladies I know and regardless of what Chris says, I think she’s one of the sweetest. I just discovered that the longtime hairdresser has opened her new shop, ‘Cindy’s Hair Studio’ next to Gunn’s on Green Ave. Chris says “Two things about that, she’s close enough to keep an eye on him  and also being right next door he gets to do ‘Honey Do’s’ several times a day. If you’re looking for a shop of hair professionals, Cindy’s might be just the shop for you.*****Someone asked about Ron Sigler. I really don’t know about that dude. We haven’t heard from him in some time. Last we heard, he was working near Baton Rouge. Ron can’t stay away from Orange very long. He’ll pop up when we least expect him.

Scott Fisher, Allison Rendall, Amelia Hollier, Brandon Fisher, Glen Prince, Jason Smalley, Linda Robinson, Nancy Rendall, Paul Zoch, Samantha Briggs, Jeremie Breaux, Kathie Stephson, Barbara Fuselier, Crystal McCarthy, Darby Byrd, Glenn Jeter, Jeff Fisette, Louise Savoy, Marriet Litton, Roberto Deleon, Bro. James Gilbert, Julie Williams, Luke Domas, Stephen Russell, Christi Goodyear, Donna Lee, Gus Harris, John Applebach, Mike Cain, Rosalyn Hollingsworth, Tim Batchelor, Chelsea Ballard, Ferrel Ashby, James Seitz and Josh Blanchard.

Two elderly Cajun couples, wat lives in Starks, were having supper one night. After dey finish eating dem, dere wives left da table and went into do kitchen.
Rene’ and Thophile, who had been friends in Sou’t Louisiana since dey were boys, were talking wen Thophile say, “Rene,’ we went to a restaurant in Texas. It was really good, I ate dat good seafood me, until I nearly bus. I highly recommend it me.”
Rene’ axe, “Thophile, wats da name of dat restaurant hanh?”
Thophile, who has been having memory problems da las year tought and tought and finally axe, “Wat’s da name of dat flower you give to someone you love? Da one wat is red and has thorns?”
Rene’ say, “You mean a rose.”
“Yea, dat’s it,” said Thophile. He den turn toward da kitchen and yell, “Rose, wat’s da name of dat restaurant we went to in Mauriceville las night?”

I came up on a wreck on Highway 62 in front of Doug and Regina Harrington’s place. I don’t know about injuries but in 10 minutes a fire truck, a wrecker, a police car and Acadian Ambulance rushed to the scene. Guess what? The wrecker was first. People just get in way too big of a hurry to get home. I was driving 60 mph and a car passed me like I was parked. Traffic around here is starting to look a lot like Houston. A big crowd showed up for the Bridge City/Orangefield game. It was senior night for the Cardinals. Both communities just shut down to attend the game. Bridge City won 9 to 1. Coach Landry and his Cards are undefeated in the district with just one non-district loss to 4-A powerhouse Nederland. Orangefield still has a good chance to make the playoffs but they have a couple of hurdles to overcome. Good luck to both. There are a bunch of great young guys on those teams that have played together since childhood in Little League and Pony Colt. *****Well, my time is up. Thank you for yours and also your tremendous response to the paper. Please read us cover to cover, take your time, save the paper and go back to it throughout the week, you’ll see something new every time you do. Please shop with our family of advertisers. Enjoy the great weather, it’s due to be one hell of a hot summer. Till next time, take care and God bless.