Hatton Elementary principals have had a tradition of recognizing their students accomplishments. Retired principal Larry Buchman once spent a night on the roof of the school when he lost a “bet” with his students in regard to a challenge he had made them.

The latest in the line of principals who gave the students fun at his expense is Norman Gaspard.

 In recognizing the perfect attendance of the 62 members of the three Pre-K classes, Gaspard allowed himself to be covered with Silly String.

“We are very proud of our students at Hatton, they seem to enjoy coming to school. Prior to Mr. Gaspard making the decision the students had no idea they were going to get to Silly String him,” said Lori Ess.

Gaspard sat in a chair on the grounds, covered his clothes and hair with a sheet of plastic and let the students “open fire.” When the attack of the stringers was over Gaspard resembled a stringy snowman.

The accomplishments of the other classes were also recognized by allowing the entire campus to have a Silly Hat Day.