“I’m thrilled to have so many friends,” said Wynne Winner, Saturday, as she glanced around the room. “I didn’t know I had so many.”

It was appropriate that her 80th birthday celebration was held at Lorna Badon’s dance studio. She spent most of her life sewing dance costumes “from scratch” and doing alterations for all the Orange dance studios. “As many as 100 a year,” she said. “Almost every child that took dance knew me.”

“Every summer, we took a two week vacation on her sewing money,” said daughter, Monica McCoy. “Every year it was a different direction.” McCoy also said her father, Kenneth, was from Kansas, so they always swung through the state on their way home.

Sadly, a stroke has since deprived her of the ability to sew.

Wynne has lived in Orange all her life, but was born in Orangefield, April 17, 1929. She was a member of the Bengal Guards, graduated from Orange High School, in 1945 and married Kenneth Winner in 1947. Besides Monica, the Winners also had a son, Mike. The two siblings presented their parents with seven grandchildren and three great-grandchildren. Kenneth did not see all of his grandchildren, as he passed away in 1979. Mrs. Winner said that is her greatest acheivement in life. “I got to raise my kids, grandchildren and great-grandchildren and see them grow.”

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