The easiest way to describe “The Drowsy Chaperone,” is “loads of fun.” A more accurate description would be Gershwin meets vaudeville meets “Mannequin.” 

When Chaperone took to the stage Friday at the Lutcher Theater it was a unique experience. 

Starting in the dark, the man in the chair, played by John West, reminisced about Broadway musicals and offered to share “The Drowsy Chaperone,” from the ‘20s with the audience. As the music plays, the characters come forth, materializing in his apartment

As the scenes play out, there are frequent “freeze frames” in which all the actors stop in mid-motion to allow the man in the chair the opportunity to narrate.

The “stop action” must have required as much choreography and practice as the dance numbers because each one was picture perfect. 

Envision a store full of mannequins in period costumes.

Janet Van De Graaff played by Elizabeth Pawlowski was a cross between a Barbie doll and a tall, grown up Shirley Temple. Every movement was perfection, slightly stiff, but perfectly posed. 

Roberto Carrasco was hilarious as Aldolpho, very cartoon-like in nature. The character would have been Snidely Whiplash if he had been a villain, but thought of himself more as a Valentino type lover.

Something seemed very familiar about Underling, the butler, played by Matt David, but I can’t quite put my finger on it.

Dennis Setteducati and Marc De La Concha were amusing as the gangsters dressed as bakers.

There was even a touch of Gracie Allen in Kitty, played by Lindsay Devino.

The audience seemed to have a grand time as they broke out in laughter at the gangsters’ antics or Kitty’s air head thought processes and gave thunderous applause after each of musical number.

One couple in the audience said they had seen the show in New York and decided they would like to see it again.

It was a fun finish to this years season at the Lutcher.

Next year promises to be another great line-up with Lyle Lovett, Riverdance, The Wizard of Oz, Music of Sam Cooke and Romeo and Juliet just to name a few.

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