Like every thinking American with an open and fair mind (I suppose you’d have to have an open and fair mind if you thought for yourself, huh?), I question many of our president’s decisions. With some I agree; others, disagree.

While I sometimes listen to right wing radio, I have often switched to a music station when the guys get too extreme. I’ll be one of the first to admit that some of the extremely conservative views are Orwellian in nature.

For example, to listen to the radio guys, you’d think that Obama bowing to ‘what’s his name’ was the final step in leading our country into pure socialism.

That’s nonsense.

But hold on! The liberal media is just as biased. It claims he (1) stumbled; (2) admired ‘what’s his name’s’ tie or belt buckle, and (3) I forget the third stupid explanation, but it was just as asinine.

Many say his bowing was simply ignorance, that the guy was not aware of various etiquettes.

That also is nonsense.

He spent eight years in the Illinois Senate. In the U.S. Senate, he was unique among Senators because he served on three of the four Senate Committees dealing with foreign policy issues, Foreign Relations; Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs; Veterans’ Affairs committees; and was Chair of the Foreign Relations Subcommittee on European Relations.

Truth is, he has enough experience to be aware of protocol. If he isn’t aware of it, shame on him, and his staff. Of course, even yellow dog democrats have to admit he didn’t spend a whole lot of time in his senate seat doing the job for which he’d been elected, that of ‘senating.’ Maybe he just neglected the other committees also.

Another decision he’s made is trying to be friendly with our neighbors instead of impressing them with America’s power. That blows the minds of a bunch of conservatives.

I don’t see the harm in it. In fact, it might have some success. When I was in the fifth grade up in the Panhandle, I had a fight with this guy in our class. Now, he was good at about everything. He knew it, and while he didn’t brag, you knew he felt pretty smug about himself. I guess the best way to describe him was that he was condescending.

Anyway, we fought. He beat the dickens out of me. I had a bloody nose. When it was over, he said, “Look, I’m sorry. Shake on it.”

We shook, and became good friends.

I knew he could still do everything better than I but that was okay. He was still condescending to others, but not to me.

As probably all conservatives, I am well aware of what America has done, and is doing for the world. And I get just as frustrated when some namby pamby country like France, which at last count had ten million rifles, no ammunition, and holds the world’s record for the number of surrenders in war, criticizes us for insignificant behaviors. 

If President Obama can make friends with other countries, Iran, Pakistan, why not? Now, don’t give away the farm, but if he can work something out with, say, Cuba, who does it hurt?

He won’t make it with many, but even if he manages to come to a working solution with one country, that’s some progress.

Obama wants to do a good job, I believe, but he’s got to learn that changing his mind on some matters such the torture business and possible persecution of ex-Bush folks only makes him look like the wishy-washy guy many first thought him to be.

Whatever happens, however, we’ll survive.

We don’t have much choice.