Marriage Licenses Issued By
The Office of Karen Jo Vance, Orange County Clerk
For the Week of May 4, 2009 thru May 8, 2009

Brandon C. Newton and Lyndsi F. Allen
Samuel A. Rhodes and Justean E. Ross
Steven P. Flook and Deborah K. Simpson
Lonnie E. McCabe and Brittany N. Keel
Kevin E. Jarvis and Karla J. Porche
Dennis W. Addison and LaJuan E. Brown
Andrew Trahan Jr. and Jolene Doyle
Michael J. Ragusa and Stacey L. Durio
James R. Boehm and Shana R. McBride
Allen W. Cowart and Adina M. Battenfield
Joseph E. Jester and Titania O. Pierce
Phillip J. DeBlanc and Larissa N. Holloway
Jeffrey D. Auchenbach and Marie B. Pittman