Virginia Garrison was named the Bridge City Chamber of Commerce Employee of the Month. Nominated by Trendz owner Sherry Hickman, she was chosen for her dedication to her new job, cleaning up after Hurricane Ike.

Trendz had just opened a second location in Bridge City when Ike came through and destroyed the town. Garrison had just started working at the shop on a regular basis.

“During the aftermath of the hurricane, when all of us in Bridge City was dealing with the emotional tragedy that had just happened; Virginia came to many of her friends rescue by helping them go through and salvage the belongings that they could,” said Hickman.

“But above all, she showed up at the new location that had just opened with friends she had enlisted to help and went about the business of sorting and trying to save as much as she could. She worked many hours alone, with friends, her daughter and her daughter’s friends and told me not to worry about anything and to go work on my home…she would take care of everything there.”

Hickman also said, “She and the rest would never take a penny of compensation for all they did. Without her, I’m not sure I would have reopened a business due to the overwhelming amount of worry and work there was to do. To me she embodies the true meaning of friendship and loyalty. For all that she has done, and all that I know she will do, I thank her!”

As Employee of the Month, Garrison received a plaque, BC Chamber of Commerce gift certificate and various other gifts.

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