Welcome to our graduation and Memorial Day issue. I want to thank all of you right here up front for your great response. It’s so nice to hear from you by phone, e-mail, fax or in person. Everywhere we go someone wants to stop and talk about the paper. Nothing makes a writer feel better than hearing that someone enjoyed his or her work. Let our writers hear from you if you think they did a good job on a story or column. Also, thanks to our advertising family, they make it all possible. Give them your business when you can and tell them who sent you.*****We have had a couple of people call to ask how they can join the Wednesday Lunch Bunch. That’s easy. Everyone is welcome. There are no dues or speeches and Rev Leo keeps his blessing down to 18 words. There is a lot of fellowship, visiting and storytelling, some from the past, others current. The meals are Dutch treat. At Robert’s, where the group met last week, you can order or go for the buffet. At Van Choate’s Tuffy’s, the food is served boarding house style. Eat what you want and as much as you want for one low price including their famous pies. There is no telling who you might run across. The sheriff, several judges, beautiful women, retired or working folk, people from all walks of life. Just come in and grab a chair and it won’t take long to get comfortable and feel at home. I think probably one of the prettiest group of ladies comes from Judge Joe Parkhurst’s JP staff. All three are lovely and nice too. The age ranges from 92 years old, King Dunn, to 30-year-old youngsters so ya’ll come.*****I miss seeing my old friend Neighbor Cox. I must go by and visit him and Ms. Ginny. I haven’t heard from him in weeks. I must find out about their garden. I really miss Mr. Cox’s neighborhood. We are still in Orange thanks to the Harmon boys, who have put us up at their used car operation on Henrietta Street, off of MacArthur Drive. *****I’d better get going. Hop on board and come along, I promise it won’t do you no harm.

30 Years Ago-1979

VFW Post 8943 and Ladies’ Auxiliary has named new officers. V.J. Marjolet, post commander, Larry D. Wedekin, vice president, Michael F. Armstrong, vice president, Charles Lieby, quartermaster, Henry Crowell, adjutant and Michael Armstrong, service officer. *****Auxiliary president is Jennifer Lieby, Kerstin Jewell, vice president, Sarah Arsement, vice president Dorothy Wedekin, treasurer, Dean Encalode, Chaplin, Edna Vercher, conductress, Helen Marjolet, guard and Betty Beno, trustee. ******Legal secretaries name Carole Romero Secretary of the Year and Wayne Peveto Boss of the Year.*****Grey Hill of West Orange-Stark is state champion and holder of the national record in the 300-meter hurdles. *****Congrats to Becky Hargrave and Scott Harper – named Miss and Mr. BCHS. Receiving honors at Bridge City Junior High are Cheryl Pesson and Paul Simmons named Miss and Mr. Red Raider. (Editor’s note: The junior high mascot was the Red Raider before it was changed to Cardinals. *****B&PW at Bridge City install Sue Pate president, Claudine Hogan vice president, Jessie Hebert vice president, Bettye Lormand secretary, Lennie Rutledge secretary / treasurer and Mary Railey, treasurer. *****In Acapulco this week are Patsy and Harold Fisette, Faye and Rod Fisette and Bobbie Jean and Calvin Stakes. *****Twelve Texas senators called the “Killer Bees” are hiding out. Their disappearing was for the best interest of Texas. This was their only recourse to prevent passage of a bill that would have established a special presidential primary in the state. The cost to tax payers would be $5 million. (Editor’s note: Best I remember, Sen. Carl Parker, one of the “Bees,” hid at his secretary Dora McDonald’s house.”

30 Years Ago-1974
Harmon Chevrolet new car salesmen Joe Williamson, Bob Jones and Homer Flanagan achieved membership in the Chevrolet Legion of Leaders in the car year 1973. (Editor’s note: I can’t believe that was 35 years ago. All of those great guys have died.)*****Orange County sends 14 football players to the World of College Football. Scholarships have been handed out by college recruiters who flocked in from all parts of the country to see the high caliber athletes Orange County had to offer. The West Orange Chiefs led the parade of talent as eight members of their district AAA championship team inked pacts with major colleges, the Bridge City Cardinals followed with four signers, Stark Tigers have two. West Orange’s Roy Williams will head to the University of Southwestern Louisiana, Phillip January, Mississippi College, Larry Spears, Texas State, Ray Pousson, U of Colorado, Randle Teate, U of Houston, Mike Conway, U of Southwestern La, James Long, Tulane and Paul Bingham, McNeese. Bridge City’s Lanston Fall, Lamar, Mark Dunn UTA, David Smith, Wharton and Steve Trevino, Wharton. Stark signers were Leonard Curtis and Alexander James both going to Ranger Junior College. (Editor’s note: Those guys are all in their 50s today probably with grandchildren.)***** Tommy Gunn, a native of West Orange and former debate coach at West Orange High, has been named outstanding speaker in the Spring Mountain Court Competition at Baylor School of Law. Gunn has maintained a 2.76 grade point average out of a possible 3.0, which also makes him eligible to write for the Baylor Law Review. Tommy graduated valedictorian from West Orange. (Editor’s note: Tommy came home to practice law. The rest is history. His parents Donald and Mary Lou are great folks who were good friends and were extremely proud of Tommy. *****Granny Harper celebrated her birthday at Harper Farm on Texas near Mauriceville. Thirty-five gallons of gumbo was served. According to Millie ‘Tallboy’ Harper, Ed Bacon ate a gallon. (Editor’s note: I believe most of the Harpers are gone now but Millie and some of the Harper kids still live at the old place.)

Joe C. Norman, 82, died May 15. Services were Tuesday, May 19. A World War II veteran, he was married to his lovely wife Patsy for 60 years before her death. Joe had an extensive and successful business career. Please see obit.*****Our deepest sympathy to the family of Stephanie Elaine Guidry, 55, of Bridge City who passed away May 17. Services will be at 2 p.m. Wednesday, May 20, at Claybar Funeral Home in Orange. She was a good lady. May she rest in peace. See obits.


You are cordially invited to attend a retirement party for County Judge Carl Thibodeaux’s longtime secretary, Jacque Craft, a 31.5-year employee. The party will be May 29, 2 to 4 p.m. in the commissioners’ courtroom in the administration building. This nice lady was a loyal employee and will be missed. Stop by and say goodbye.


Friendly rivals and neighbors, the Orangefield Bobcats and Bridge City Cardinals will meet in Regional baseball playoffs, in a best two out of three games Friday and Saturday if needed. Friday will see an unusual double header. Should the teams split the wins, the final game will be played Saturday. The location had not yet been determined by press time. The first game starts at 5 p.m. to be followed by a second game. A Saturday game will be played if necessary. Fans from both communities are urged to attend. See our Web site www.therecordlive.com for all up-to-date information and coverage.


Cajun jockey Calvin Borel rides to victory on board filly Rachel Alexandra in the second leg of his personal Triple Crown. The 3-year-old filly is the best in the land. She is the first filly to win the Preakness stakes in 85 years. Rachel Alexandra shot to the font Saturday and wasn’t seriously challenged until a late close by Mine That Bird, the horse Borel won the Kentucky Derby on. The win by the filly validated Borel’s decisions to leave the Derby winner and stay on the filly that he had won big on as her regular rider. If Rachel Alexandra goes on to the Belmont Stakes in three weeks Borel bill be in the saddle. Borel doesn’t believe there is a horse alive that can beat her. In five previous races the girl, running with the big boys, has lead by a combined 43.5 lengths. The grueling 1.5-mile race will pit the filly again against  Mine That Bird, who I think has a good chance in the longer race.*****Your car warranty has expired. Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott says what those phony companies offer are worthless policies. Abbott said many Texans are falling for the scam that easily cost $2,000. As many as one billion calls have been made to Americans. Abbott has filed a Texas lawsuit in Austin’s U.S. District Court to stop the scam artist for doing business in Texas. Congrats to the Attorney General, it’s not too soon. I have personally received at least 50 calls in the past months. Your phone number makes the rounds because it is sold to other companies. Apparently the scam works or they wouldn’t be so aggressive.*****Last week and over the weekend the Dunn’s, Roy, Phyl, Mark and Sharon were in Lubbock attending the Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center convocation and commencement ceremonies. Also attending was Kerrie Dunn of Framingham, Mass. Kerrie and Mark are proud parents of new doctor Amber Dunn, a 1999 Bridge City grad. Dr. Dunn will serve her anesthesiology residency at Case Western/University Hospitals in Cleveland, Ohio. She is Sharon’s stepdaughter and Roy and Phyl’s granddaughter. Also attending the ceremony was Amber’s friend, Dr. Eric Payne, who has accepted a fellowship in Houston to continue his studies in facial plastic surgery on infants and children. The couple will reside 2,000 miles apart. Just one of the prices paid to advance in the medical profession.***** Here is an amazing fact. On the eighth day of July, at five minutes and six seconds after 4, the time and date will be 04:05:06 07/08/09. (456789 will never again happen so if it’s your birthday it is really a special day.)*****On June 8, St. Paul Methodist Church of Bridge City is set for its first service at the new church on Roundbunch. The only things missing will be the pews.*****Special birthdays this week. Karen Dunn Gros, a special lady who played a large part in the establishment and success of these Record Newspapers, celebrates on May 20. We wish her a great day.*****Bill Pope, from our Roundbunch office, celebrates this week.*****Also our friend Dr. David Jones. A great guy.*****Happy birthday to two very nice ladies who are married to dentist. Mary Majors, wife of Dr. Joe and Barbara Olson, Dr. David’s wife and sidekick.*****A special wish to our longtime friend June Gregory, one of the county’s beautiful women.*****Birthday wishes to Amanda Uzzle.*****Belated happy birthday to Judge Pat Clark who celebrated May 16. That’s two years in a row I ran a week over on his birthday. No excuse last year but Hurricane Ike took my calendar of birthdays so I’ve been at a disadvantage, plus I’m older and my recall is not too sharp. There you are Judge, I fessed up.*****Celebrity birthdays: Cher celebrates her 63rd. I’m sure she has been patched up a few times, but can still compete for action with the 40-year-olds.*****Drew Carey will turn 51 on May 23.* *****Don’t forget the 17th annual Ed Peveto Crawfish Boil Saturday, May 30, at Jewell Cormier Community Center starting at 1 p.m. This is always a great outing. Make plans now to attend. For more information call Keith Little at 735-9318.*****I was not surprised my choice from the start to win American Idol, Danny Gokey, bit the dust last week. I still believe he had the best, all-around voice but he didn’t have the showmanship of Adam Lambert or the good looks and coolness of guitar playing Kris Allen of Conway, Ark. Both put on great performances. The question is will there be a backlash on Adam because of the obvious panel support – and where will Danny’s votes go? If Kris gets them he’s in. Only one million votes separated them last week. The smart money is on Adam but I’m not sure. It could be close.*****The Bridge City La Quinta will be open next Friday, May 29. They have 61 lovely rooms, a restaurant; and a convention room will be added on the south side before long. A management company will operate the hotel.*****Remember I told you, in this column, that the stock market will have a powerful rally. Soon the recession will be history. Obama’s plan to throw a lot of money at an economy that was left in the tank will be successful. People sure forget Bill Clinton was left with a bad deficit from the first George Bush. People said, “We are leaving a debt our grandchildren will never pay off. He balanced the budget and left a surplus. You hear the same talk today that Obama is creating a debt our grandchildren will inherit. Obama’s plan is not trickle down – everyone will do well and so will the country.*****There is a clearing house scam going around. You will get a check that says it’s a good check, all you have to do is call a certain number but if you do then you will get screwed out of $4,000 by playing the game.

David Jones, James Batson, Karen Gros, Lucie Rucker, Pat Bland, Alayna Womack, Bill Pope, Charlotte Foreman, Hannah Dupuis, James R. Braus, Sarah McClure, Gary Fontenot, June Gregory, Lauren Parrish, Will Schisler, Bailey McCurry, Gary Hollingsworth, John Hanes, Louis Purifoy, McCartney Miller, Justin Trahan, Tracy Davis, Amanda Uzzle, Philip Douglas Thomas, Fran Bullard, Gracie Lemley, Jane Logsdon, Nelson Derrick, Chris Green, Jack James, Jo Lynn Harris, Judy Duncan, Sheryl Frazier, Archie McLellan, Barbara Olson, Logan New, Mary Majors, Willamette Reynolds, Williamette Reynolds, Dylan Ball and Dylan Maas.


Maude Boudeaux was shopping at Robbie’s Grocery Store and happened upon a grandpa and his bad behaving three-year-old grandson. It was obvious to Ms. Maude that Gramps him, had his hands full wit dat kid screaming for candy and everything else. Ms. Maude watched grandpa working his way around da store saying in a calm voice, “Easy Albert, we won’t be long. Easy boy.” Da kid had anutta outburst and Grandpa him, in a controlled voice says, “It’s OK Albert, jus a couple more minutes and we’ll be outta here, hang in there.”
At da checkout da little terror is t’rowing items out of da cart and Gramps, again in a calm voice, is saying, “Albert, Albert, relax buddy, don’t get upset, we’ll be home in five minutes, stay cool Albert.”
Maude her was very impressed so she followed the old man to the car where he is putting up his groceries and loading da brat. Maude says, “You know sir, you were amazing in there. I don’t know me how you did it. Dat whole time you kept your composure no matter how loud and disruptive he got. You jus calmly kept saying things would be alright. Albert, him is very luck to have you for his Grandpa.”
Gramps said, “Tanks lady, but you see me, I’m Albert, da little brats name is Stevie.”


Congrats to the Little Cypress-Mauriceville Bears and coach “Griff.” Baseball is like apple pie at LC-M. It’s a tradition. Have you noticed the jump in gas prices? Even though oil prices are down, gas prices at the pump are up. There’s a reason for that. The oil companies have it figured. Even though it’s summer vacation time, if we watch our consumption and use 20 percent less gas, they raise the price 20 percent and make the same profit. So as we use less and less, they will adjust the prices up and up. Some parts of the country will pay $2.50 by June. I still believe there will be a $3 cap at some point, however, if the fuel is too abundant, they will have to put it on the market. Prices will drop for a little while. Right now they are producing but will cut production and say there is a shortage, then we will pay more.*****This issue is loaded with great specials. Read us cover to cover but don’t fail to read the advertisements. You may miss a bargain.*****Be sure to send us your announcements. If your club or church is having a function let us know. Also, if you know about a subject that would make a good story we want to publish it. We are your only locally owned newspaper, operated with local folks from our community. This is home to us and we are your hometown connection to readers and consumers throughout the area. Over 45,000 people read some part or all of this paper every week. No other media reaches as many in our trade area.*****Roy has written a special column for graduates who are leaving the nest. See your grad reads it. He also has written a Life’s Highway column.*****I’ve got to go, my time is up, thanks for yours. Take care and God bless.

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