Friday, the West Orange-Stark Food Production Class crowned their overall “Iron Chef” team. Fashioned after the “Iron Chef” competition held on the Food Network, Pat Geis, food instructor at the WOS Career Center, held a competition in each class. This year, however, they held an overall championship Friday from all the winners of each class held earlier this week.

Given an hour to prepare, each team had to make a dish using chicken and the “secret ingredient” lemon. Anything else in the dish and method of preparation was up to the team.

Racing against the clock students chopped, cut, fried, grilled and boiled ingredients vying for the title WOS Iron Chef.

Students’ dishes were judged on presentation and  taste to determine and overall winner. The team of Enrique Warnell, Latilda Collins and Krishe” White won with their southern fried chicken strips and roasted potatoes.

“We added a little hot sauce to give it a little kick,” said Warnell. Chicken had been the protein in their earlier competition, so they already knew what they were going to make.” Abraham Davila and Shkera Locks came in second with grilled chicken and mashed potatoes with cheese. Third place was claimed by the team of Chris Williams, Amanda Villadsen, Elaina Rockwell and Rene’ Suire (an Orangefield student attending WOS Food Production Class.

This is the second year they have held the Iron Chef competition, but last year it went no further than a winner in each class.

The career center teaches students skills that can be used to secure employment upon completion.

Geis, former owner of ‘Someplace Special’ says that about 10 percent of students that take the food production class go into the food service industry.

One of her success stories is a former Orangefield student that attended the center, James Ardoin.  Ardoin had problems with math, but that did not hold him back. With the skills he learned at the center, he now works on a ship and travels all over the world. The math problem with measurements and ordering quantities was overcome with the use of computers. He drops in on Ms. Geis when he comes to town or calls sometimes when he is in port in Florida. Geis said one day he plans to open a restaurant.

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