Football was in the air Tuesday as Orangefield High School Project Graduation sponsored a “Powder-Puff” football game. 

The weather was as cool as an autumn evening and the atmosphere smelled of football.  It was the Seniors and Freshman (Orange Team) vs. the Sophomores and Juniors (White Team) and no holds would be barred for this game. 

The Orangefield girls are competitive from the word go and tonight was no different, the teams battled it out every play and fun was had by all, players and fans.

In the end the White teamed escaped with the victory by a score of 22-16, good sportsmanship was demonstrated by all and the game was a success.

This was the last time for the senior girls to compete for Orangefield and was a great way for them to finish a very successful high school career.  

Good luck with all of your future endeavors and thanks for the memories!