Cheers came from the stands at F.L. McClain Stadium, Saturday as the Class of 2009 received their reward in Orangefield. Commencement brought to an end the high school careers of the “hurricane class.”

Both Valedictorian Tyler Angelle and Salutatorian Joshua Juneau mentioned they started their freshman year with Hurricane Rita and concluded high school with Hurricane Ike.

Although most of Orangefield was spared the water, the students, athletes and faculty were still affected by the storm.

Many sprung into action immediately, helping out their neighbors in Bridge City with cleaning, demolition, cooking hot meals and offering shelter.

Even though it has been a difficult year, it was treated with light-heartedness and humor.

Starting an hour later than previous years, the sky was streaked with pink and blue as the sun set, providing a beautiful backdrop to a calm, cool evening.

Superintendent Philip Welch was very proud this year’s class accumulated over $883,000 in scholarships.

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