From the spring 2009 graduating class of Lamar State College-Orange, 21 students received honors recognition for their academic achievements.

Nine students of Lamar State College-Orange graduated with the designation of summa cum laude, with “highest honors.”  Summa cum laude designation includes those students with grade point averages of 3.8 to 4.0.  They were Geneva Vernice Adams, Bridge City, Associate of Applied Science (AAS), information technology support specialist; Taylor Marie Bangoy, Vidor, Associate of Science (AS), liberal arts; Gary Wade Carnley, Orange, AS, natural science; Kathy D. Clark, Orange, Certificate, business management; Aubrey Nicole Ellis, Orange, AS, liberal arts; Emily Ann Ford, Orange, AS, natural science; Anna Elizabeth Friend, Kirbyville, AAS, upward mobility nursing; Patrick Gamutan Hermoso, Orange, AAS, industrial technology; and Ashley Rochelle White, Certificate, medical office assistant.

Magna cum laude, or “high honors” designation, is awarded to graduates who earn GPAs of 3.65 to 3.79.  Three students, Adam B. Canty, Orange, Certificate, process technology; Sharla Kae Hollifield Evans, Orange, AS, liberal arts; and Lacey Dawn Brannan Wheat, Vidor, AAS, upward mobility nursing, earned this designation.

Nine students graduated cum laude, or with “honors” designation, with GPAs of 3.50 to 3.64.  They included Steven Wayne Andrews, Bridge City, AAS, industrial technology; Ashley Lynn Blanchard, Youngsville, La., AAS, upward mobility nursing; Christine Clasby Bost, Orange, AS, liberal arts; Eva Elisa Hernandez, Orange, AAS, upward mobility nursing; Cade Wesley Howard, Bridge City, Certificate, entrepreneurship; Naomi Renee Hucko, Orange, AS, business; Kaci Dyan Morris, Orange, AS, business; Mary Elizabeth Thornton Walker, Orange, AAS, upward mobility nursing; and Christopher Carroll Williamson, Orange, AS, natural science.