Mr. Cox’s Neighborhood has taken on some changes since Ike came forcing us to leave the Creaux’s Nest. Lawyer Pate’s office is vacant and being remodeled by Dr. Messer, who bought the property. By next week Family Pharmacy, formally Harrington’s, should be back in their newly-remodeled building. They have been in a portable building. The biggest change comes with a nice apartment complex, built by Don Pate, no kin to H.D. The apartments are located where our neighborhood park used to be. This week, Don starts renting them. It’s a nice neighborhood to be in. Lawyer Pate is now in Messer’s dentist building, near the Peacock. Bill Nickum has been in the neighborhood a long time. His State Farm insurance office is a landmark. We never had a chance to take advantage of Van’s Hush Puppies because we were away. Van folded the Bridge City and Orange businesses Monday. He will continue to operate the Vidor Hush Puppy but now will spend his time and resources on his all new, Tuffy’s Restaurant in Mauriceville. The Bridge City heavy auto traffic since Ike made it difficult to get in and out of the Hush Puppy location. *****Gas prices at the pump have risen more than 50 percent since last November’s election. We said at the time, when gas was $1.61 that it was an election ploy and by June it would rise to $2.50. Some places are charging that now.*****Disturbing is that a Far Right extremist shot and killed abortion doctor, George Tilled, while he served as an usher in his church in Wichita. I’m sure the killing was done in the name of God. The murderer believes he was doing God’s work. That’s why I dislike extremist, they are not rational. They wear blinders and never see the big picture.*****The third day of hurricane season has arrived. The experts say only one major storm will enter the Gulf. It’s a large area, from Key West to Brownsville. It’s at least 100 to 1 we will not get a direct hit. Meanwhile, things are looking up in Bridge City but there is much left to do. *****Gotta get going. Hop on and come along; it won’t do you no harm.

35 Years Ago-1974

Orange County bids farewell to “Mr. Ted.” Ted L. Jefferis and his family are leaving Orange for Nacogdoches. The Stark High coach is in the Texas High School Hall of Fame. In 1941, while coaching Wichita Falls, he won the state championship with a 139 pound quarterback named Gene Hill. At SFA “Mr. Ted” coached Bum Phillips and H.W. “Chief” Wilson. Stark coach Dexter Bassinger, at a farewell party, told of what it was like to be an assistant under Jefferis and the help he had been given since being a Tiger coach. Also speaking at the gathering was West Orange coach Glenn Green, Dr. Max Pachar, Supt. Paul Willis, West Orange principle Lonnie Traylor and baseball coach Art Petit. Opportunity Valley News sportswriter Joe Kazmar covered the affair. Editor’s note: Many of the youngsters who played for “Mr. Ted” and coach Bassinger are still in the area.)*****Mount Sinai Baptist Church, 1109 Second St., celebrates its 54th anniversary June 9.*****Joe Falcon, the first Acadian to make a commercial recording of any kind, was the first inductee into the Cajun Music Hall of Fame. The award was given at the first Texas / Louisiana Cajun Festival on Pleasure Island. W.T. Oliver made the presentation. Other nominees were John Lloyd “Tee Bruce” Broussard, Ira LeJeune, Lionel Cormier, Mary Choates, Lawrence Walker, Clifton Chenier, Nathan Abshire, Blackie Forestier, Rufus Thibodeaux, Amedee Breaux and the Balfa Brothers.*****The Gunns take to the road. Buzzy, Dayle, the children, nephews and nieces, granddad and MeMa are all headed to Florida in a travel bus. Buzzy has lost 15 pounds for his G-String beach walking. Granddad T.L. ain’t crazy, he’s following in his own car. (Editor’s note: I would rather have seen Dayle wearing that G-String.)*****New helper starting this week at the OVN is the Dunn’s pretty daughter Karen.

50 Years Ago-1959

Local athletes signing scholarships are Jimmy Davis, who will attend Texas A&M for four years in both football and baseball. He lettered in four sports at West Orange. Wayne McCelland, Charles Alexander and Brooks Hill of Stark High have signed with Rice. Pete Winfrey and Rusty Mathews, Starks, signed with TCU. Carlin Franklin also of Stark High, signed with Kilgore as did P.I. Peveto of Orangefield. Dolan Frenzal, Lon Craft and Colbert Trahan, of Starks and Jimmy Starnes, of Orangefield are being sought by college coaches but haven’t signed yet.*****Roger Ward wins Indy 500.

30 Years Ago-1979
Don’t make reservations yet but the Houston Astor’s sit on top of the heap in the number one spot. I wouldn’t book the bus to the World Series too soon though.*****There new businesses in Orangehurst Shopping Center hold grand openings. They are Jay’s Jewelry, Griffin’s Menswear and the Carousel Cafeteria.*****Walter and Rose Billeaud celebrate their golden wedding anniversary on June 8. They have seven children and 17 grandchildren. They are 30 years residents of Bridge City and have been pioneer land and business owners.*****Evelyn and Howard Morse hosted a surprise barbecue birthday party for Roy Dunn. Chief Wilson Roberts was chef.*****”The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas” production is being performed in Houston. A greyhound bus is being arranged for locals to attend.*****On June 3, Tanya Thibodeaux turned 10 years old. She’s Carl and Mike’s lovely daughter.*****Mike McCardle will be 18 on June 7.*****Jason Richards will be 5 years old on June 10.*****Larry Guyote turned 40 on May 31.*****Happy birthday to Harold Fisette, who celebrates on June 6.*****In Austin to greet Sen. Carl Parker when the Killer Bees came out of hiding were Dewey and Shirley Upderfroff, Sue Pate and Flo Edgerly.

Here’s what a few of our buddys are up to. Cal Broussard is in his second week of chemotherapy and radiation. The pills are being given to him everyday for six weeks as a precaution. The medication makes him a little sick but not as bad as other chemo methods.*****Our longtime friend Vivian Dorman beat her first bout with cancer and was in remission. Last week however, according to daughter Donna Scales, a checkup in Houston showed a new problem. Our prayers are with her.*****Judge Joe Parkhurst went into training a few days ago when he acquired a 150-pound Doberman. The dog requires a daily walk which causes the judge to have to jog to keep up. In 10 days Parkhurst has lost 10 pounds. A couple more weeks and Joe will be down to his fighting weight and ready to take on Eddie Sutton.*****Preston Fuller is now a qualified specialist according to A&M. He’s a lawn manicurist. Agnes and Mildred swear by him. To get your grass a fresh haircut for just looks or that special party, call Fuller. He uses only sharp blades, no tearing; just the sculptured look and references are furnished. *****I’m not sure if Constable Mark Philpott just doesn’t want to leave pretty Barbette behind while he goes out of town, or if she doesn’t want him off by himself, but all trips are made together. They probably just like each other’s company.*****Did you know our buddy Marlene Merritt is a landscape artist? She does it all from start to finish, from planning to results. Also, I bet she’s the prettiest landscaper around.*****Every now and then our friend Ray Cotton comes to the city from his Longhorn operation in Vinton. Last Wednesday we spotted him having lunch at Robert’s Restaurant. Ray has a lot of projects in the works. A shopping center will be built on a highway frontage of one of his two big ranches in northwest Louisiana. In Vinton, he’s preparing to build his new motel. Every room will have a balcony overlooking the rodeo arena that will soon be complete. What a guy.***** Pretty, sexy Sharla Towsend, manager of the Express Mart at Texas 62 and Texas 87 has agreed to marry Kevin Sarge on Aug. 29. What a lucky guy. Really, they’re a great couple. We wish them the best.*****Friday Roy celebrates a birthday. He says he’s old as grease but not near as slick anymore. Friends celebrating birthdays with Dunn are longtime friend Tim Hughes, “Mr. Superior,” who’s still a youngster. Roy says also his barber of 30 years, pretty Joyce Dowdle, has a June 5 birthday. The Outpost Barber Shop operator has a unique clientele. Many of the county’s movers and shakers. Roy’s hair was dark when she started cutting it. He blames her because it’s now gray. Best wishes and happy birthday to all.

Back 25 years ago, when he was a senator, Al Gore predicted the horrors of global warming being in our future. He wasn’t taken seriously. Republicans made fun of him and still claim it’s hogwash. Now engineering researches at Texas A&M say flooding and damage along the Texas coast will be more severe in years to come because of global warming. They predict rising sea levels and more intense hurricanes to increase by 100 percent over the next 20 years and by more than 250 percent by 2080. That folks is proof enough that our area needs to start on a levee now. No more lip service, we must seek fist-slamming results. According to researchers, some day a large part of Orange County could return to just being a wetland. We may not be here to see it but like Al Gore’s warning, it’s going to happen. Obama’s stimulus package was the perfect window for at least a start. Leadership to face that endeavor must surface now or all the efforts and accomplishments will be in vain. Long range planning takes a long time.*****Once the nation’s largest employer, General Motors, filed Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection, the largest industrial filing in U.S. history. President Obama gambled it all by pumping $30 billion into what must be a successful recovery, or he’s cooked his goose come election time in the industrial states. It would also affect mid-term senate and house elections. Chrysler has a deal working to sell to Fiat but they will probably be next in Chapter 11.*****Encouraging news is that Wall Street is rallying. The smarts believe, and I’m betting, Obama turns the country around. The shut down of factories by auto dealers is bad for some locations plus leaves over 20,000 unemployed. I believe it will be a plus for car buying consumers. I also believe Obama will do all he can to keep gas prices down even if it means traveling the world or going directly to OPEC. *****GREAT NEWS: M.D. Anderson doctors are reporting progress against lymphoma and melanoma with therapeutic cancer vaccines. The injections simulate the immune system to attack tumors. This should open the door for more work with vaccines for both blood cancer and solid tumors.***** The race to craft stem cells that have the virtues, but not the notoriety, of their embryonic brethren faces its final hurdle. If the cells grown from adult skin can be genetically transformed to become safe enough to help cancer patients, it is possible that blood, brain, bone and every type of tissue can be grown. Researchers are in hopes of a “Regenerative Medicine” era in which physicians could grow organs for transplants or tissue to treat spinal injuries. So far this year researches have revealed four ways to remove the cancer cell. Reprogramming cells is moving very swiftly. What a great day it will be when we will eradicate cancer, hopefully in my lifetime. *****Speaking of technology, Brown Hearing Aid Center, right here at home now, has the latest and best hearing aids known to exist anywhere. Having hearing problems, Eddie, Nancy and the crew, including Dr. Brown, guarantee they can make your hearing life the best it can be. You don’t need to go off. Get that good service right here at home. *****My girl Susan Boyle came in second in the England talent contest. She ended up in the hospital suffering from too much media pressure. The 47-year-old lady has never been kissed. She needs real relaxation. I could drive her around town and show her a few tricks. Seriously, she will sell millions of records. *****I watched Conan O’Brien’s first “Tonight Show.” As much as I could take. Then I switched to Dave. Conan, who took over for Jay Leno has a long way to go before he sells me. *****Congrats to Coach Landry and his baseball Cards on a great season and a good run in the playoffs. No doubt Spring Hill is for real at every position. For years, from little league to graduation, we have watched these youngsters develop. A few senior Cards are Dustin Breaux, Anthony Cessac, Grant Encalade, Blake Hubbard, who came from Nederland six years ago, Erick “Hoover” Matthews, whom we’ve watched glove a ball since age six. Jared Raggio, Blake Snyder, Daniel Wallace and Michael Schrieber Jr. I hope I got them all because they brought years of joy and entertainment, as well as all their teammates, in little league, pony league and through high school. *****Jockey Calvin Borel will ride Derby winner, “Mine That Bird” Saturday at Belmont. He won the Preakness on “Rachel Alexandra.” If he wins Saturday, he will be a personal Triple Crown winner on two horses. “Go Cajun.” There has not been a Triple Crown winner for 31 years in a row and won’t be one this year. The race can be seen on ABC at 5:27 p.m. post time. *****We were sorry to hear about the death of David Stanley, 54, who passed away May 30. Graveside services will be Wednesday at Eves Cemetery in Gist at 2 p.m. Condolences to his two daughters, mom, dad, siblings and the entire family. To our special friend Joyce Dowdle, who over the last couple of years took special interest and care of her brother David, we are extremely sorry for your loss. His burden is now lifted and Joyce should feel good about her dedication to him. Also, more condolences to Lamar-Orange’s Butch Campbell on the death of his father Jesse ‘Jack” Campbell Sr. Services are at 10 a.m. Thursday at Claybar in Orange. *****What a treat it would be to own this. Even Cox would like it. For decades the original metal masters of Woody Guthrie’s songs lay forgotten and stacked in cardboard barrels in a Brooklyn basement. The early ‘40s recording of the folk hero’s music has been rejuvenated to create “My Dusty Road,” a 54-track; four CD set due out Aug. 25 on Rounder Records. The CD contains some unreleased tracks and signature songs such as “This Land is Your Land,” “Pretty Boy Floyd” and “Hard Travelin,” plus photos, lyric sheets, Guthrie’s business card, a postcard to his wife and a 1940 booking card all in a replica vintage suitcase. Woody in clear voice. What a great gift for any music collector. *****Happy birthday this week to Walter Riedel, Sandra Hoke and also to our longtime buddy Helen, who celebrates on June 6. .*****Celebrity birthdays: Anderson “360” Cooper turns 42 and Allen Ginsbery, financial guru, is 83 on June 3. ***** June 4th finds Angelina Jolie turning 34 while Dr. Ruth “Sex Adviser” Westheimer turns 81 and claims to still be active. *****June 5th Bill Moyer will be 75 and Kenny G will be 53. *****June 7th finds Prince turning 51; Tom “Tight Britches” Jones will be 69. *****On June 8th, Nancy Sinatra will be 68 while Joan Rivers turns 76. She loves her plastic surgeon. First lady and presidential mom Barbara Bush will be 83. *****June 9th, actor Michael J. Fox, who has been fighting Parkinson, will be 48. *****Had he lived, the great Cole Porter, born in 1891 would be 118 years old.*****Thanks to all of you who have helped with the funds to get the Orangefield Little Dribblers to the national playoffs in Lubbock. We asked for your help and like always you responded. Josette, Marty and the Dribbler crew want to thank you too. Go get ‘em girls. Bring back the championship. *****Also best of luck to the great West Orange-Stark Mustang track team at state this weekend. Bring home the bacon. *****Sprad’s Boat Town has been selling boats at a good pace. He has a big sale going on now. In fact, he has a six-pack of new boats coming in. I didn’t know dealers have to get six at a time. Before you go anywhere check with Sprad.

Herman Dupuis, David Lopez, Matthew Jagoe, Sandra Hoke, Donna Benefield, Donna Rogers, Gena Guyote, Jessica Freeman, Kevin Doss, Mary Jennings, Tim Hughes, Trey Wild, Chris Andes, Helen Harrington, Laura Silva, Lindi Torson, Lynn Fields, Gail Griffith, Kelsey Miller, Linda Sims, Sarah Williams, Billy Frank Bradberry, Billy Killman, Logan Smith, Penny Robards, Tana Hightower, Walter Riedel, Aubrey Reynolds, Billie Wood, Carolyn Sexton, Crystal Wells, Dixie Armstrong, Charlie Blalack and Jessica Hilliard.

Sostan tells us about his little granddaughter Cookie and her school exploits. The class was drawing wen teacher, Miss Comeaux, got to Cookie who was working diligently. Miss Comeaux axe, “Wat you drawing Cookie?”
“I’m drawing God me,” she replied.
Miss Comeaux praised her but said, “No one knows wat God looks like.”
Without missing a beat or looking up from her drawing Cookie replied, “Dey will in a minute.”
Cookie told Miss Comeaux dat Jonah was swallowed by a whale.
“Dat’s physically impossible, a whale can’t swallow a human,” da teacher replied.
Cookie said, “Wen I get to Heaven me, I will axe Jonah.”
Miss Comeaux said, “Cookie wat if Jonah went to hell him?”
Cookie coolly replied, “Well den, you can axe him.”


This operation, on deadline day, which is Tuesday, is now like a well-oiled machine or an assembly line. Everyone is buried in his or her specific chore. Robert is gathering news, Mark putting the finishing touches on a sports story and organizing all photographs for the layout of this issue. Chris Gunn brought a photo of the big truck Sheriff Keith Merritt has acquired for the department; Debbie is finishing with ads while waiting on customers walking in. One customer, leaving on a trip, wanted the paper. When told it was not ready he asked, “Can’t you let me have what you’ve got done? Just something from this week’s paper.” I swear that happened. Amanda “Jack of All Trades” does all the things she does and also does research for Roy and prepares for layout of two papers. Penny unloads the Internet. She is also responsible for keeping up with our Web site. It should be updated constantly, fresh stuff every time you check us. Bill, over at the other office, prepares the want ads and classifieds. Tammy and Al come in with the last of their customer’s ads. Around midnight the paper will be put to bed and on the street about 6:30 a.m. We have some good stories, great columns and copy. Roy has written a Down Life’s Highway column. His long life, even in a thumbnail sketch, makes for a long column. We’re coming on a full moon. If the nights are clear the June moon will be extra bright leading to a nice weekend. Take care and God bless.