A short quiz.

You have a rope in your hand when you see two men caught up in a swirling maelstrom only seconds away from drowning. One is a high-powered attorney, the other a high profile politician.

Here’s the question.

What speed film do you use to capture the moment?

If you’re like me, you’ve heard this joke told in a thousand different ways a thousand different times, a testimony to the esteem in which, with some exceptions, the two are held.

In light of our situation today, if I had to make a choice of whom to throw a lifeline, it would be to the lawyer. (As long as he wasn’t also a politician)

Seems like our politicians are becoming bolder and more brazen on every rung of the political ladder.

Obama is a superb communicator, although teleprompters as well as soft questions from pre-picked reporters enhance that eloquence.
And then his answer’s, “Well, I’m uncomfortable with many of them for he fails to provide specific evidence to support them.

Case in point.

President Obama claims his stimulus (I’m sure glad he says “his” stimulus. I’d hate to think someone believed I had anything to do with it) has created 160,000 new jobs. When questioned more specifically as to the type and location, he claims he doesn’t have those reports at hand.

If you believe there is a report substantiating those figures, I can get a great deal for you on the Brooklyn Bridge.

Then take a look at his nominee for the Supreme Court. He spoke eloquently of her humble beginnings, however, she did not pull herself up by the bootstraps from abject poverty. She did what millions of first generation Americans have done, worked hard to succeed. And I certainly admire her for that.

She was from the South Bronx, but early on her parents moved into a middle class neighborhood where she attended a private school.

In 2001, she claimed a Latina woman with the experiences she’s encountered would more often than not reach a better conclusion than a white male who hasn’t lived that life.

Flip that remark around that a white male could reach  a better conclusion than a Latina woman and you’d be labeled racist faster than a duck on a Junebug.

Now, she can believe what she wishes. I don’t care, but today, when we’re all striving for racial harmony, the last thing we need is someone who thinks a Latina female would reach better decisions than a white male on the Supreme Court.

But she and President Obama are not the only politicians who believe they can run roughshod over a dumb citizenry.

Nope, look at our own governor, Rick Perry. He refused to reveal expenditures of his trips using taxpayer funds for world junkets with his wife for the last eight years.

A Court of Appeals ruled he must make them public, and then guess what happened. The good old boys got together and the Texas Senate and House voted to keep the records secret, thus overruling the judge. Those guys in Austin might not know how to pass legislation, but they sure know how to take care of each other. 

Her going with husband, Rick, is no big deal, but he should pay for her from his pocket. Jeez, they’re deep enough after all those years in office.

I’m going to find out how my representatives voted on that. That’ll tell me how to vote next election.

Sooner or later, all of us dummies had better do something or Perry will be taking his whole family on a taxpayer funded world junket, and Sotomayor will be saying all white males should have their salaries cut in half.