There should be a grant somewhere for fighting mosquitoes. I really believe they are Ike-related. It’s been several years since they have been as bad. I believe the black mud that lies under Bridge City grass is where they hatch. When the skeeter truck sprays it is killing only the skeeters in flight at the time. Those in the grass get to live another day. There is one program that works for five weeks to three months. It’s a chemical made from rosemary, peppermint and lemon oil. Spray the yard and you won’t have bugs. If you depend on bees for your garden, you won’t have them either. Marty Martin with Pestco offers the service and guarantees it. It costs around $130 but skeeters be gone. *****I don’t know what’s causing it but I look for one of our hottest summers. In fact, I look for us to hit 95 by late next week. *****This week, we are featuring our annual All Orange County Baseball Team. Read the story. It’s a good one. Congrats to all the youngsters who made it. *****The Wednesday Lunch Bunch still meets each week. This Wednesday, the group will dine at Robert’s Restaurant and next week at Tuffy’s. Everyone welcome. *****First Baptist Church in Orange turns 130 years old. Robert Hankins, our award-winning writer, does a great story on the old church. I remember Rev. Cooper Waters who pastored there for many years. Like Christ, he was a good carpenter also. *****Mark Dunn, Gary Stelly and Tommy Mann Jr. were all honored Monday by the Bridge City Independent School District school board for their efforts to promote the district fairly and their help during Ike recovery. *****I’ve got to move on. I’ve been out of town so I’m sure I missed a lot but I welcome you to come along. I promise it won’t do you no harm.


The Press Club of Southeast Texas honored County Judge Carl Thibodeaux, Bridge City Mayor Kirk Roccaforte and BCISD Superintendent Jamey Harrison as “Newsmakers of the Year.” Mark Dunn, Record photographer, captured an overall first place in photo documentary for his photo layout following Hurricane Ike, published Oct. 1. That award-winning edition can still be purchased at our offices or by contacting us at our Web site, Mark also serves as Bridge City Chamber president. Robert Hankins won first place news story (non-daily) for his piece about a failed pre-Ike levee issue, published Dec. 3. The Record’s Penny LeLeux took a second place in the environmental category for her bio-fuel story. The Record Newspapers was third in overall excellence. The Record had few entries and did quite well. Congrats to writers and staff. Carl, Kirk and Jamey were well deserving for their dedication and effort. They were the right guys, in the right place; at just the time we needed them.

We had known Juliet and Charlie Patton’s daughter Janet since she was an 8-year-old who hung around the family business, Patton Power, the Gravely dealer. Since childhood Janet had always had some health problems but it didn’t hold her back. She was friendly and caring. A few years ago she lost her sister Susan, then her mom and dad and finally her husband Billy Braus. Janet Patton Braus, 50, passed away June 6. She is survived by two sisters Marilyn and Kathryn. The Patton’s had four girls and were active civic leaders in Bridge City. Janet was the keeper of the family history. A great family we were honored to know. Services were held for Janet Tuesday. Please see obit.

50 Years Ago-1959

Thomas E. Huff named principle of West Orange High School. *****James D. Gilliam is candidate for Orange City Council. *****Old Timers hold reunion. County Judge Sid Caillavet was master of ceremonies. Mrs. Mollie Boswell, 89, was the oldest person and Henry Stakes, 87, oldest man. (Editor’s note: Fifty years ago that was very old.) Ivy Norwood’s string band provided music for dancing. *****Teen idol Dick Clark, age 29, will begin a new television show on Sunday nights. Clark has a daily afternoon show for teenagers. *****Full scale cleaning of a 34-acre site for construction of MacArthur Drive Shopping Center has started. (Editor’s note: 50 years ago that was “in the country.”)*****Louis “Satchmo” Armstrong is gravely ill and in a coma. (Editor’s note: He is one of my all time favorites. I still enjoy his music.)***** Wilson Waits resigns as Stark High coach. Poor health and extreme pressure was given as reasons. *****Ivgeman Johansson becomes heavyweight champion of the world after defeating the champ Floyd Patterson. He won 2:03 minutes into the third round with his “thunder and lightening” right hand.

35 Years Ago-1974

Barbara Gillis has been in the hospital. *****Ed and Joan Lovelace are back from South America. *****Bill Clark is selling Sunbeam Bread. Taking a break from radio. *****Larry King and Neil Kelly will be leaving for Uncle Sam’s Marine Corps. (Editor’s note: They were sure nuff characters. I wonder what they are up to 35 years later. *****Pretty Claudia Conway, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Preston Conway, will be competing in Miss Texas World contest in Houston. She is presently “Miss Orange.”*****Allen “Buck” Patillo is Orange County Sheriff. The Sheriff’s Posse will sponsor Wally Fowler and the International Gospel Music Festival of Nashville. Ten acts will perform, including J.D. Sumner and the Stamps Quartet. The group backs up Elvis. J.D. is acclaimed as the world’s deepest voice. Barbara Runnels Waits will emcee the show. Seventeen-year-old Kathy Grey is rodeo queen. Gus Alborn is Posse president. *****Orange County’s Chief Deputy is Charlie Morvent, Jr.*****Betty Kazmar, a great teacher at Stark High, has filed for a seat on the Orange City Council. Mrs. Kazmar is a 1965 graduate of McNeese. The 31-year-old has been a resident of Orange eight years.

30 Years Ago-1979
On Monday, June 11, at age 72, John Wayne passed away. He was a great American and beloved entertainer respected by all. Many people throughout the world mourned his death. This writer believes Wayne will grow in stature as the years go by. (Editor’s note: That prediction came to pass. Many people we know are John Wayne collectors. None loved and admired Wayne more than my buddy P.T. Thompson. Almost everywhere I go, even 30 years later, I see pictures of “Big John.”)*****Linda Ricks Sutton became the bride of Clarence Dale Newton on June 11. (Editor’s note: To you who may not know Linda, she is Granny of “Granny’s Seafood” in Bridge City. Happy 30th anniversary to her and Dale, the boy from Post, Texas.)*****Janice Overman, a great gal and bride of Lyle, is in St. Elizabeth Hospital, recovering from foot surgery. (Editor’s note: I wonder if too much kicking of Lyle in the rear caused the foot problem?)*****Mike Pipps, of the Bridge City Boxing Club, will be going to the AAU national finals in North Carolina. Mike became eligible after winning the regional title. Two other Bridge City fighters, J.J. Carter and Kevin Reeves, won bronze medals at regional. *****Two former Bridge City students were among this years Texas A&M graduates. Receiving bachelor degrees are Mark Hryhorchuk, meteorology; and Joseph Bell, physics. *****Bryan Ward, of Bridge City, was named high school athlete of the year. Bryan is only a sophomore. Pat Meeks was named outstanding baseball player. *****Gene and Flo Edgerly recently moved into a home, with a swimming pool, located on Cow Bayou. The pool is no use to Gene however, as he is having back problems and is trying to avoid surgery. (Editor’s note: The Edgerly home was destroyed by Ike. They have sold the 30 year old home and moved away from water. They had some great years on that Bayou. *****Bill Lapeyrolerie will be 17-years-old on June 15. *****Cindy Boone, age three, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Chester Boone of Orange, is the 1979 Muscular Dystrophy Poster Child. Cindy is just now able to stand with the help of a leg brace. She’s a pretty and friendly child who loves to talk. (Editor’s note: I wonder what became of Cindy and how her life turned out.)


Congratulations to the West Orange-Stark Mustang track team for being the best 3-A team in the state. Coach Toby Foreman, the incoming offensive coordinator for Coach Hook’s football staff, did a great job preparing the team for the state championship. The team won state by 14 points over second place Waco LaVega and Argyle who were tied. The foursome of Josh Gloston, Trey Franks, Phillip Jones and James Haynes won the 400-meter relay in an all-time best time of 41.31 seconds. They won by 30 meters.  The team also won the 800-meter race. Jones ran a personal best time of 14:21 to win the title in the 110 high hurdles. Franks ran a personal best of 10:36 to win the 800 meters. Frank then anchored the 800 relays. Gloston, Ed Ivory and Hayes ran a 1.27.02 second place. Also congrats to Danyale Thomas and the 400 meter relay team. *****No surprise to jockey Kent Desormeaux, who predicted that fellow Cajun Calvin Borel would not win the Belmont on Derby winner, “Mine that Bird.” Instead, Kent won it on “Summer Bird,” a long shot that had run sixth in the Derby. Borel was attempting to win all three of the big classics. At least the Cajuns continue to dominate. The two South Louisiana boys won all three of the big ones. *****North Korea, a very dangerous bunch of bandits, have sentenced two American, female journalist to 12 years hard labor. Euna Lee, 36 and Laura Ling, 32, both work for Current TV, a television venture founded by Al Gore. Gov. Bill Richardson has offered to negotiate as well as Gore. The fear, as I see it, is the reporters will become bargaining chips in North Korea’s escalation of its nuclear program. The truth, the real truth is that China could have the females released by sunrise. North Korea fears only China but China has shown no interest in helping the United States in any way. Even though over sixty percent of items in our stores are labeled “Made in China.” It would be to China’s best interest for North Korea not to develop any kind of nukes because they would no longer fear China. Iraq was no threat to the U.S. or the world but North Korea, with nuclear, is a scary thought. If they don’t release the reporters I say bomb their sites. *****One of the nicest, most professional ladies we have met lately is Cathy Clark, manager of Van Choate’s Tuffy’s Restaurant. According to Van, she is doing a great job. Many improvements have been made in the remolded restaurant down to new menus and the best barbecued crabs in South East Texas.*****Speaking of women, boy, didn’t Newt Gingrich set up bimbo, Sarah Palin. She showed up thinking she would be the keynote speaker. She was forced to sit in the audience while Newt spun his story, attacking Obama. Some of it stretched the truth; other parts were outright lies. Newt is a snake, now Sarah knows. The GOP doesn’t have a future with either one. There will have to be a clean candidate, a newcomer like Obama, for the GOP to even have a chance. *****Speaking of politics, old “Whistle Britches” Rick Perry, is thinking politics against Sen. Kay. That’s why a special session he will call will be near the start of the campaign. If all I’m hearing from Republicans, Democrats and Independents is true, Rick doesn’t have a chance. Kay will carry it across the board. *****The great American Backyard Camping Day is June 27. Pitch a tent, roll out sleeping bags, make a campfire and get “skeeter” dope. The kids will remember it the rest of their lives. *****Friday, 12:01 p.m., the U.S. switches to digital TV. There will be problems. Consumers will be angry despite having a year to prepare for this day. *****Next week, Apple’s Zipper iPhone 3-G5 goes on sale for $199. The phone offers faster speed, longer battery life, video camera and much more.*****We heard from Miss Ruby. She and John Pickard are still in their longtime home on New York in the Cove. Neither does much these days but John does less. His odometer has a lot of miles however. Great folks, we go back to when we were all young and active. *****I understand Regan Dugas is driving a new Chevy pickup. There is bound to be a story behind it. Reagan is now employed at Conn’s. *****June 19-20 is the T-Bone Walker Blues Fest in Linden. T-Bone was a Linden native. Music by Guitar Shorty, Wes Jeans, Bugs Henderson and Jimmie Vaughan. If I were younger I’d be in Linden for that blues music. *****Things never change in Waterwood. A few days ago, neighbors were having problems because one person’s dog pooped in another person’s yard. ***** We found out where Donna Riley is located. She and a crew of other beauties are located in the third trailer at Hatton School. *****Listen up: For the first time, we will have a Father’s Day special. We usually make a lot over Mom but now it’s Dads turn. A message for Dad and picture in both The Penny Record and The County Record, reaching over 45,000, for only $25. Call 735-7183 or come by our office at 320 Henrietta in Orange, or 335 Roundbunch in Bridge City. A great gift for the dad who doesn’t need anything. Buy two four-inch blocks if you would like. *****Dr. Amber Dunn, after shipping her furniture to Cleveland, Ohio, where she will be in residency, drove from El Paso to Bridge City to spend time with her family. She arrived in time for her grandfather’s birthday Saturday. She leaves for Cleveland Wednesday morning for the 19-hour drive. There’s some sad Dunn’s around today who will miss her. At least El Paso was just a day’s drive away. *****The Texas Longhorns knocked off TCU to earn a trip to Omaha and their 33rd berth in the College World Series. *****Congrats to Mary Stanton and her crew at the Exxpress Mart who will be Bridge City’s “Business of the Month.” Pretty Courtney and lovely Ronda are always a treat to do business with.*****June celebrity birthdays: June 10th Sen. John Edwards will be 56, F. Lee Bailey, 75, Sasha Obama, 8-years-old. If she had lived Judy Garland would be 87. *****Joe Montana will be 53 on June 11. A guy that would have liked Joe, Vince Lombardi, would be 95 on this day. *****Marve Albert will turn 68, Jim Nabors, 77 and Vic Damone, 85, on June 12. *****President George “Daddy” Bush will also be 85 on June 12. *****Celebrating on June 13 is Richard “John Boy” Thomas, who will be 58. *****On June 14th “Boy George” will turn 48. *****Donald Trump will be 63 on June 14. *****On June 15th Jim Belushi, 55 and Gov. Mario Cuomo, 77, and had he lived Waylon Jennings would be 72. *****You’re getting older if you remember Stan Laurel. He would be 119 on June 16.

Cade Vidrine, Tyler Derouen, Caroline Hennigan, Chris Riedel, Jacqueline Bourdier, Jane Minor, Pam Williams, Brook Doss, Caitlyn Villanoueva, Elizabeth Tran, Kaaren Kline, Ryan Kelly, Shawna Gauthier, Steven Crabtree, Desia Davis, Duane Anthony, Susan Fischer, Tamny Droddy, Adam Dupuis, Betty Jean Lonadier, Brandon Duhon, Brandy Aldridge, David Cardner, Faye Sherwood, Ryan Richard, Sherri Fruge, Tina Romero, Alex Eby, Carol Hall, Denise Vickers, Sharon Fisher, Jennifer Harrison, Leigh Ann Wilson, Ruby Bell and Alex Brent.


Fatter Broussard listens to Tommy’s Confession…
“Bless me Fatter, for I have sinned, me. I have been with a loose girl.
The Priest asked, “Is dat you, little Tommy Hebert?”
“Yes, Fatter, it is,” replied Tommy
“And who was da girl you were wit?” asked the Priest.
“I can’t tell you Fatter, I don’t want to ruin her reputation me.” Tommy answered,
“Well, Tommy Hebert, I’m sure to find out her name sooner or later so you can tell me, you,” said Fatter Broussard. “Was it Teresa Thibodeaux?”
“Me, I’ll never tell,” replied Tommy.
“Was it Nina Boudreaux?” asked da Fatter.
“I’m sorry me, but I cannot name her,” said Tommy.
“Was it Cathy Breaux?” da Priest asked.
Tommy replied, “My lips are sealed Fatter.”
“Was it Tina Boudreaux?” asked da Fatter.
“Can’t tell you Fatter,” Tommy said.
“Was it Rosa Robicheaux, then?” Fatter Broussard asked.
“Please Fatter, I cannot tell you, me,” answered Tommy.
“Da Priest sighed in frustration. “You’re very tight lipped Tommy Hebert and I admire dat but you’ve sinned and have to atone. You cannot be an alter boy now for four months. Now you go and behave youself.”
Tommy walked back to his pew and his friend Jimbo slides over and whispers, Wat you get, hanh?”
Tommy replied, “Me, I got four months vacation and five good leads.”

Some folks have all the luck. Chris Gunn will be going to Jamaica. The big deal is that he gets to be on the beach with Cindy. That has got to be a sight that’s good for the eyes. They have been working real hard since Ike, rebuilding the studio and building Cindy’s beauty shop. They’re taking the kids with them. We wish them all a great trip. Mama Dayle is holding the fort down.***** As for me, I have a trip planned to visit Buna. If time permits, I’ll circle around and tour Evadale.***** Things are bad all over the world. I look for a showdown in Pakistan with the Taliban. At home, a drive-by shooting kills a soldier. In Orange County, a Vidor man kills ex-wife and her friend. *****Rev. Leo has been out of pocket*****Wilson Roberts swears he’s on a diet and has given up all drinks but water.***** Thanks to all of you for your e-mails. Keep them coming. *****That’s all folks; I’m out of here and on my way to see if Cox has fresh tomatoes. Don’t forget the Farmer’s Market in Lions Park on Saturday. Come early for tomatoes. Take care and God bless.