Orange police who pulled a man over Friday for reported traffic violations took him to the emergency room after he became unresponsive in a police car.

Police pulled over a light tan Cadillac Seville on Henrietta Street about 2:45 p.m. Friday. Two officers approached the vehicle warily, one with a weapon drawn. After a brief discussion, the man, about 25-30, exited the car and was almost immediately handcuffed.

He gave permission to search his car, which yielded several bottles of prescription drugs. The drugs were later identified as being legal and in his name.

Patrolman Robert Campbell told The Record the man became unresponsive and was taken to the Orange hospital. It’s possible he had a reaction to too much medication, Campbell said.

The man, who’s name is not being released pending his arrest, was wanted on at least two warrants – one from Orange County court and one from Orange Municipal Court – Campbell said. He did not know what offenses the warrants were for.

The driver was pulled over for a reported “rolling stop” and failure to stay in a single lane, he said.

[Record reporter Robert Hankins contributed to this story]

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