It was a sea of red and purple at the Compro Event Center in Beaumont, Saturday, as the Rhinestone Red Hatters Queens’ Council hosted the Fourth Annual Extravaganza.

Red Hatters from all over the Golden Triangle and as far away as Houston converged for a night of great food, entertainment and shopping.

In true Red Hat fashion, dessert was served first. So tasty was the cherry cheesecake, many tried to wrangle seconds, but to no avail.

 While feasting on roast beef, green beans, loaded mashed potatoes and rolls, provided by Moncla’s Catering, the crowd was entertained by Mildred Bellard and Edra Fusselman with a collection of old folks jokes. 

Catfish John and Sweet Thang performed “Sweet Thang” and “Don’t Let Them Tear That Little Ole Brown Building Down. 

Hats-a la Vista Babies entertained the room with a skit titled “Hot Hats Come Off in Vegas” were Judge Judy, Dr. Flaura, Oprah Spendfree and Bobbin help Dr. Frill get in touch with his feminine side. 

Jerry Lynn Hall’s granddaughter, Tara Byrd sang  “Pink Shoe Laces” dressed as a “bobby sockser” in a pink poodle skirt. 

The Rare Red Diamond Ladies performed a skit, “Red Hats Deliver Us From…” using a gospel perspective.

The evening was closed with a cash pot drawing of $400, won by a Red Hatter from Houston.

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