I was sick all last week. Charlie was a good nurse, especially when it came to cookin.’ We had something different every day.

I had bought some links and he makes a mean fold over. You take a link and slap a slice of bread around it. That’s what I had, then he had cereal. I don’t want to tell you all of his secret cookings. I got hungry for tamales one day and he went to the corner store for a dozen. That was all I wanted. I ate two. They must have changed their recipe because it was a little spicy for me. I like spice, however, it doesn’t like me.

I remembered the late Bulla Mae Lindsey and how good her tamales were. That brought back to mind of when I was a child, and my papa would buy tamales wrapped in corn shucks and we would sit on the pick up tail gate and eat them all. Well, I don’t have a tail gate to sit on, or any one to make tamales in corn shucks, but I do have Bulla Mae’s recipe and as I can recall, they were just delicious.

3 pounds ground round
8 tablespoons chili powder
2 teaspoons garlic powder
11/2 teaspoons red pepper
4 teaspoons salt
1 cup minced onions
3 cups corn meal
2 quarts cold water
corn shucks

Mix half the ingredients except onions and fry with ground round. Mix 3 cups corn meal into 2 quarts water. Mix remaining ingredients in corn meal and cold water. Cook mixture like cooking mush. Place mush on corn shucks, place remaining ingredients on mush and roll. Pin together with toothpicks if needed. Steam in large pan for 30 minutes. Gooder ‘n syrup, Von.

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