A dry, scorching June is likely to get worse. We could see temperatures bumping 100 degrees, 10 to 15 degrees above average. The southern breeze we’ve enjoyed is no longer. The high level ridge causing all this heat is unique in that it parked itself directly over the southern United States. Exceptional, extreme drought conditions, abnormally dry and no breeze will burn up gardens and yards. It doesn’t look like it’s going to change much for the rest of the month. It looked like it was going to be a bumper crop for figs. Rain came at just the right time to set fruit but the fruit hasn’t developed due to the dry and heat. Most of the figs that are not watered are like marbles. I hate that, figs are not available in stores and are my favorite fruit.*****Speaking of good eating, I hope you ate good on Father’s Day. I did great. I got two young, fresh rabbits from Granny, who is also selling frog legs and catfish along with shrimp. I cooked those highly-seasoned young rabbits on the grill with all the trimmings, including homegrown tomatoes, cucumbers and Pecos cantaloupe. We also had some of Danny’s, good-as-ever boudain. Talk about good. Let Granny know how many rabbits you need and she’ll have them for you fresh – cleaned by the weekend.*****Consumer confidence in the United States will go up. Home sales are increasing and the recession will end before the end of the year. The last quarter of 2008 and the first quarter of 2009 were the worst economic performance in 50 years. Things are looking up. In fact, the federal reserve is unlikely to make any major changes just sit pat and let the Obama’s stimulus package continue to do it’s work.*****I believe it’s the beginning of the end for Iran and Ayatollah Ali Khamenel. The people may not win this round but the ball has started to roll down hill and they can’t stop it. The people will eventually win out. Many may have to die and it may take a few years but the downfall for the present dictatorship is coming.*****If I finish early enough I can catch the LSU / Texas best two out of three College World Series. I predicted LSU would be there but that last Texas win over Arkansas was something else. I believe LSU has the best team, but Texas may be the luckiest. It will be hard to beat game one’s 11-inning win by LSU. Texas let it get away. Texas should have stayed with pitcher Austin Wood longer. *****I’d best get going. Please come along; I promise it won’t do you no harm.

Lennie Paul Dauphine, 69, passed away June 18. A Port Arthur boy, he attended Bishop Byrne High School. His first teaching job was at that Catholic school. For the next 33 years, however, his devotion and love was for West Orange-Cove as a history and government teacher before being assistant as principle. His students and fellow teachers always held him in high esteem but I knew Lennie in a different way. Not many realized that Lennie had a side agenda. He was politically savvy. He served as a behind the scenes advisor and advertising manager for some of his political friends. I first met him when he helped his friend, Judge Marlin Shelton, in his campaigns. Judge Carl Thibodeaux relied on Lennie for all of his political advertisement. Lennie was very good at designing ads to combat the opposition’s negativity in ads. He spent lots of days in the classroom and many nights in smoke filled political strategy rooms. He was the kind of guy that if you met him, you would not forget him. He was a quiet man who always thought out a situation before he spoke. There are several political victims of Lennie’s out there but even those he helped defeat ended up liking him. Services for Lennie were Monday in St. Mary Catholic Church. To his family, former students and certainly to his many friends in the education and political fields we send our condolences. May he rest in peace. See obit.

We were sorry to learn of the death of Jeannette Griffin, age 83, on June 16. Services were Friday. We had known Ms. Griffin for many years. She was married to Alva, a longtime law enforcement officer during the times Orange County was a tough place. Alva, a native of Johnson Bayou, once told us about Lake Sabine being so low that the family walked across. Ms. Jeannette for many years worked at the Bridge City Wal-Mart store. She was a great lady. To her daughter Edna, granddaughter Robyn, family and friends, we send our sincere condolences.*****Also our deepest sympathy to Sleepy Smith and his entire family on the death of his sister Patricia Taggart, 63, who died June 19. Service was Tuesday.*****Our deepest sadness to A.J. and Gloria Lemoine and their family on the death of their grandson Aaron “Bird” Lesmeister, 22.*****Condolences also to longtime friend Barbara Gillis and her family on the death of her sister Christine Berwick Merrell, 79. Christine was an Orange native and the granddaughter of Bab Berwick, a famous Orange County lawman and nightclub operator in the 1930s. Please see obits.

60 YEARS AGO-1949

Pete Carter opens the Tower Café and Drive Inn on MacArthur Circle. *****Joe Runnels is county clerk, Bill Lea is county attorney. *****Joe DiMaggio hits three home runs in two days. He batted in six runs with a batting average is 500. DiMaggio’s salary is $90,000. The Yanks lead the American League by nine games; Brooklyn leads the National League by 26 games. *****New Rotary Club officers installed are Jimmy Conn, president, E.M. Childers, secretary / treasurer. Board members are Clark Barrett, C.O. Chandier, Howard Peterson, J.J. Arledge, John W. Simmons and Fores Clough. *****Gov. Beauford H. Jester names John W. Simmons to the Sabine River Authority.

50 Years Ago-1959
Rotary installs officers. Woodrow “Woody” Wilson is president, Capt. Norman Shipley, vice president and Ken Davis, secretary. Dr. Robert Rasmussen, Ray Ward, Morgan Jones and Judge Homer Stephenson are directors.*****Sheriff Chester Holts announced that E.G. Sparks, former Orange police officer, has been hired as a temporary deputy sheriff assigned to the Vidor area. He replaces Red Bland, who is critically ill in a Beaumont hospital.*****State Rep. Louis Dugas opposes a bill which would permit the Beaumont Port District to purchase land within the confines of the Orange County Navigation and Port District. Local port officers went on the warpath against the bill. Dugas said he would do all he could to defeat it. (Editor’s note: Apparently he was not successful. I believe the Beaumont port owns land on the Orange County side of the Neches River.

35 Years Ago-1974

Laverne Ridley owns Ridley Realty. *****Harvey Prince gives piano lesion. *****Ron and Jean Moreau own Ron’s House of Elegance. *****Harris Poultry Market is at 521 Dupont Drive. Speckled trout, red fish and red snapper is available. *****Charlie Lemoine owns “Charlie’s Furniture” on Dupont Drive.*****Wingate’s Market, 2204 MacArthur Drive, processes deer, elk, moose and bear. *****Mrs. Joe Molley grooms poodles and boards small animals at 883-2753. *****Steve Henderson owns Steve’s Dozer and Backhoe Service. *****Tom Addison is owner of High Pressure Spray Cleaning. Company motto, “We spray anything.”*****Rebecca Duhon is bride-elect of Stephen Wolfe. *****Jerry Wilson, wife of Congressman Charlie Wilson, writes a column for the Dunn family-owned Opportunity Valley News. The column is titled, “Petticoat Potpourri.”*****Elaine Townes owns Elaine’s Flowers on Texas Avenue in Bridge City. *****LaPlace, New Orleans French Market Café, Au Lait and Beignet,” is now opened at 105 Sixth St. The café is owned by Ernest and Ann McCollum.

30 Years Ago-1979
The new Bridge City State Bank on Roundbunch Road is near completion. (Editor’s note: In the last three years the building has undergone total redoing twice. Three years ago due to Hurricane Rita, now undergoing remodeling due to flooding by Hurricane Ike. The bank building repairs are now again near completion.)*****C.R. Nash is installed as new Bridge City Rotary president replacing Albert Gore. *****Dupuis Gulf is now a distributor for Michelin tires. ****Betty and Corky Harmon hosted the “Monthly Supper Club” at their beautiful home in Orange, and then escorted the group to Beaumont. Leon Smith gave the girls disco lessons. Beth Dugas, Marty Conway, Phyllis Dunn, Martha Hughes, Virginia Gilbeaux and Betty all participated. Bill Hughes, who was due to serve at 6:30 mass, was trying to recruit churchgoers so he wouldn’t be the only one suffering early the next morning. (Editor’s note: Leon later married Virginia.)*****Three young Bridge City people loose their lives in an auto-train crash in Port Arthur. They are Allen “Bull” Middlebrook, Roland Smith and Nolan Wayne Gaspard. A young lady was also killed, name unknown.*****Cecil Williams showed up at his store on Roundbunch and all the gas tanks were empty. The contents were stolen during the night.*****Gas prices have gone up 65 percent in the last nine months, regular gasoline is now 80.9 cents per gallon. Two years ago, gas, per gallon was 27.9 cents. (Editor’s note: That was the last of the Jimmy Carter years when inflation went out of site. Interest even climbed to 21 percent.)*****Capt. Doug Harrington has gone to sailing. He and mate John Brooks are getting a crew together and claim they will be the No. 1 racing crew by summer’s end. *****On June 30, one of Orange County’s loveliest women, Barbara Mulhollan, will celebrate a birthday. (Editor’s note: We remember her then and several years before. She was a real doll and still is.)

Neighbor Cox and Ms. Ginny ventured to Borderville, Okla., for a visit with daughter Karen, husband Keith and son Kegan. The Duplechins moved to Oklahoma after Keith accepted a job there. Karen plans to teach in the fall. Kegan is involved in a lot of things including following in his brother Kody’s footsteps. He’s playing tennis and is good at it.*****Last week marked the 47th anniversary for Langston and Margaret Frederick. I’m getting older. I remember when they tied the knot. Best wishes and good health.*****Robert Carpenter, who is recording a new album, celebrated a birthday last week.*****Sen. Tommy Williams makes Texas Monthly’s “Worst Legislator” list.*****Congrats to Sheriff Merritt and the jail staff for receiving a perfect score for the 11th year in a row. The chain started in the second year of Sheriff White’s three terms. We understand Mike and wife have bought a new home in Orange. We also understand Keith and Marlene celebrated their 40th anniversary. I can’t believe that, the sheriff must have grabbed her up in junior high.*****Ryan O’Neal will finally marry longtime love Farrah Fawcett, battling for her life with cancer. They have a 24-year-old son together.*****Singer Gloria Estefan and husband Emilio have bought a small ownership of the Miami Dolphins.*****Japan has the highest life expectancies at birth, 83 years. USA men’s expectancy is 76 years and women 81 years. The average worldwide is women 70 and men 65. *****Ninety percent of smokers started lighting up at age 18 or younger. President Obama has signed a tough anti smoking bill. Folks in the advertising field plus radio and television won’t like it. *****Next year’s hot car is the Buick LaCrosse by GM, a luxury sedan. *****Welcome to new St. Paul Methodist pastor the Rev. Brad Morgan. The new church he will serve is state-of-the art, the area’s most modern. ***** BIRTHDAYS: Special happy birthday this week to our loyal, smart, pretty, dedicated coworker Amanda Adams. She is the mom of twins Mason and Lucas, who are great 4-year-old boys. Have a nice June 26 “Mandy.”*****Also celebrating is Dwayne’s love Kathy Marsh. The best-selling he ever did was when he closed the deal for her to become his wife. *****Pct. 1 constable Chris Humble celebrates this week, also Kelly Kimbrough and the ever-young Barbara Mulhollan. *****Special best wishes to Doris Norwood. A good woman and longtime bride of Eual. *****Last but not least, our special friends Lester “Buckshot” Winfree celebrated June 24, Wilson “King” Dunn was 91 on June 16. We wish them many more healthy years. *****CELEBRITY BIRTHDAYS: On June 25 Jimmie Walker turns 60, George Michael, 46 and former Miss America and first lady of Kentucky, Phyllis George, turns 60. ****On June 26, New York Yank Derek Jeter will be 35, swimmer Greg Louganis, who kept us spellbound in the Olympics, will be 48. If she had lived, Babe Didrikson Zaharias would be 95. *****On June 27, H. Ross Perot will be 79. Had they lived, Bob “Capt. Kangaroo” Keeshan, would be 82 and Helen Keller, 129. *****On June 28, Kellie Pickler will reach the ripe old age of 23; quarterback John Elway, 49, Mel Brooks, 83. The late Gilda Radner would be 63, Henry VII, King of England, would be 518. *****On June 29, Gary Busey will be 65; the late Slim Pickens would be 90, Nelson Eddy, 108. *****Michael Phelps, the greatest swimmer, will be 24, World champion but with a troubled life, Mike Tyson, 43, the unforgettable Lena Horne will be 92, the late Susan Hayward would be 90.*****Congrats to Brian Huckabay, the new AD and head football coach at Orangefield. Huckabay, a Bridge City native and high school grad is a great choice for the Bobcats. He has an extensive coaching record and was the only candidate with AD experience. He has been trying to get back home for a long time. His parents who are getting elderly still live in the Bridge City area. We wish he and wife Mary success and a great stay here in God’s country.


Amanda Adams, Judy Gerrald, Kathy Marsh, Chris Humble, Linda Taylor, Marie Williamson, Phyllis Davis, Reggie Rogers, Rodney Davis, Sherby Dixon, Barbara Whitrock, Bridgett Teaff, Claudine Hogan, David Kimbell, Jessica Simon, Kristin Lollar, Shanna MacCammond, Shanna Scott, Trevor Kimbell, Clyde McKee, Dorris Norwood, Jeff Bourdier, Jeri Whitmire, Joan Cummings, Karen Tomlin, Kourtney Derouen, Leighia Barron, Tina Bernard, Brett Barclay, Connie Berry, Eric Broom, Kelly Kimbrough, Lester Morris, Nancy George, Barbara Mulhollan, Barbra Mulhollan, David Sandlin and Katie Keneson.

While counting the Sunday offering, Rev. Gaspard, the pastor of a small church, found a pink envelope containing $500. The following Sunday it happened again. Da nexks Sunday, Brother Gaspard, him, watch closely and saw Eunice, an elderly woman, put da pink envelope on da plate.
Overcome by curiosity Brother Gaspard approached her, “Miss Eunice,” he said, “I couldn’t help but notice dat you have been putting $500 a week in da collection plate.”
“Dats right,” Eunice replied, “Every week my boy “PoolDo” sends me money him and me, I give some of it to da church.”
Brother Gaspard say, “Mais Cher, dats very generous and I tank you on behalf of da congregation but $500 every week is quite a lot, or you sure you can afford it?” “How much does you son send you, Hanh?”
Miss Eunice say, “My boy, him, send me $5,000 a week.”
“Keyaw,” da amazed pastor said, “You boy must be very successful him, wat he does for a living him?”
Miss Eunice answer, “He’s a veterinarian him.”
Brother Gaspard say, “Me, I had no idea dey made that much money. Where is his practice?”
Miss Eunice replied proudly, In Abbeville, he has two cat houses, one in Oakdale and anutter in Port Arthur.”

Ed McMahon, 88, died Tuesday. He was Johnny Carson’s sidekick on the Tonight Show for many years. Back when I could stay up past 10 p.m. I watched them every weeknight.*****The Harmon boys are doing a brisk business here at their used car lot. (I’m supposed to say pre-owned.) Anyway, we’re getting to visit with some old friends and meet new folks also. If you come by ask for us and we’ll come out and visit. They have low overhead and pass the savings on. Always shop locally when you can and please patronize our advertising family. The advertisements inside are what brings you this community paper, read every week by over 45,000, free. Read us cover to cover. Our people work hard and do a great job.*****Well, I’m out of here to see game two between LSU and Texas. I’m sure the results will be in this paper but it will be past my deadline. Stay cool. Take care and God bless.