Orange County Sheriff’s Department is investigating the theft of Frigidaire appliances from a warehouse in Rose City.

Tuesday, the sheriff’s office received a report of numerous appliances stolen from a Construction Zone Inc. warehouse.

The business is currently contracted to refurbish a low income housing complex in Beaumont. The appliances were scheduled to be installed in the refurbished units. Construction Zone reported around 20 new Frigidaire appliances including refrigerators, microwave ovens, dishwashers and stoves missing.

Information was received by the sheriff’s office suggesting the items were allegedly stolen by a 47-year-old, white male from Vidor doing business as “Mr. Appliance” on North 11th St in Beaumont and “Sydney Appliance” on North Main in Vidor. 

Mr. Appliance and Sydney Appliance had been subcontracted by Construction Zone, Inc. to install the appliances in the refurbished units and originally picked up the appliances at a distributor in Houston. He then delivered them to the warehouse storage facility in Rose City. Construction Zone Inc. inventoried and accounted for all of the appliances upon their delivery to the warehouse. 

A recent inventory of the appliances revealed the items were not in the warehouse. 

Upon checking both businesses, several of the missing items were located including dishwashers and stoves. Some of the missing appliances had been sold to Mr. Appliance and Sydney Appliance customers. The appliances were located by a search of both companies’ delivery tickets. The approximate value of the stolen property is $6000.00 

If anyone has purchased a NEW Frigidaire refrigerator or microwave oven from Mr. Appliance in Beaumont or Sydney Appliance in Vidor, please call the Orange County Sheriff’s Office at (409) 769-6391 or (409) 882-7960 to verify the validity of your purchase. 

This case is under investigation by the Criminal Investigations Division and at this time no arrests have been made.