Bridge City Little League is experiencing more success than ever before. The future looks bright in baseball and softball for both Orangfield and Bridge City school districts.

The 9/10 year old softball All Stars won District by outscoring their opponents 35-12. 

Nine year old boys won their district tournament by going undefeated and only allowing one run in five games. They outscored the district 40-1.

Stopping Nederland 18-1 captured the championship for 9/10 year old boys. BCLL went 5-0, scored 59 runs while allowing 10. 

Eleven year old boys are the last undefeated team in their bracket, and are now awaiting an opponent to emerge from the loser’s bracket. They have outscored their opponents 56-16. This team defeated Nederland Saturday night in nine innings, 10-6. The elevens will play next on the road Thursday night.

The 12 yr. old Major baseball team has set their goals on winning a state championship this year. This team is loaded with pitchers, mighty hitters and a tremendous defense. They have scored 40 runs in two games, while giving up only 4. They have hit 7 home runs, 5 in one game, and seem to score at will. They will be playing in Groves, Tuesday at 7 p.m.

BCLL had a surge in softball participation this year. The newly resurrected Junior program for 13 and 14 yr. old girls have advanced to the sectional tournament in Pasadena on July 17.

Major girls opened their All Star season in Fannett Monday night. The girls are the same team that won a state championship two years ago as 10-year-olds.

The Jr. baseball team starts its tournament Tuesday night at home. They will be playing Vidor in the first game. Introductions start at 6:40 and the game starts at 7 p.m.

This is the second year for the Sr. boys to play in Bridge City. Until BCLL took over the program, there was no place for the 15-16 yr. old boys to play. They open July 7 in Vidor.

BCLL has been the premiere youth complex in Southeast Texas for many years, and this season, has been selected to host the sectionals for 9/10 year old softball, 11/12 year old softball and 11/12 baseball. This is a first in the area’s Little League history, for a league to be chosen to host three sectionals at the same site.

The sectional tournaments will start July 17, with three games at 6 p.m., followed by three more games at 8 p.m. The Board of Directors invite you to attend and support your local youth. Bring your lawn chairs and enjoy yourself. See your local heroes before they get into high school. 

“Still the best burgers in town”.

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