Marriage Licenses Issued By
The Office of Karen Jo Vance, Orange County Clerk
For the Week of June 29, 2009 through July 2, 2009

Aaron P. Castino and Meagan B. Henry
John A. Brown and Catrina M. Green
Timothy B. Rickenbrode and Michelle L. Brown
Wilfred Herbert Jr. and Jockelynn W. Pollard
Keith O. Mulhollan and Angelia J. Santana
Christopher L. Lee and Brittany M. Meaux
David T. Johnson and Madina G. Boudreaux
Joshua C. Ford and Christy L. Neal
Craig A. Acosta and Stacy L. Bell
Anthony D. Goddard and Sandy K. Morrison
Jon C. Sauer and Yea-Mei M. Smith
Chad R. Hebert and Elizabeth S. Worthy
Stephen M. Spence and Brandi R. Chambers
Freeman D. Addison and Melanie D. Buckley
John D. Sartin and Kimberly L.Keener