While most folks were having a traditional Fourth of July barbecue meal I was enjoying the finer foods fit for a king. Thanks to Tammy Davis’ dad, H.H., Kirkpatrick, who sent a box full of fresh Gulf blue crabs which I boiled highly seasoned, along with shrimp from our friend Granny. To go along with those delicacies, Jessie Domingue brought me a batch of Louisiana style, Cajun boudain from the Mother Land. Neighbor Cox and Ms. Ginny’s fresh, vine-ripened tomatoes and sweet banana peppers topped off this hour meal. Mike’s mom, Ms. Margaret Louviere, sent me a couple of loaves of banana nut bread, which I topped off with whipped cream. A great feast, furnished by special folks. What else could I ask for. Thanks to all. I then took a long nap, full as a tick, thinking what a great country and good life. *****The heat and drought has been bad but it is the sun that is a scorcher and baking everything. The sun, which appears to be just a mile up, is bearing down. You can wet the roots but that sun is uncontrollable. I noticed some of the water oaks starting to turn brown on top. A little shower is all we got at our place Tuesday morning. Less than a half-inch. Other county spots got much more. The high, moving back in, will scorch us for another period. Folks fighting the environmental package and global warming should at least take notice. It seems to get worse every year so we should do something. It may cost jobs but the day is coming when it will cost lives.*****I’ve got to move on. Come along, I promise it won’t do you no harm.


From the very beginning, Gov. Sarah Palin was being used in a game that’s brutal and can be suicide to a novice. Sarah, a political greenhorn, was thrust onto the national political scene without a clue. Her limited experience put her in an impossible position of trying to master the range and complexity of domestic and foreign issues in a blistering hot presidential campaign. She however, loved the glare of the lights, a small town girl overnight had become a celebrity. She had always relied on her good looks and the crowds stroked her ego. The Republican Party treated her like a star lavishing over $130,000 in new clothes on her along with servants at her beck and call. Returning to Alaska with the lights out was back to the real world. Cinderella was reduced to just being governor of Alaska. Her love for the eye of the national television camera was no more. She was being hammered from all sides, as much from Republicans as Democrats’. Ethical issues had put her and her husband in financial difficulty defending the charges. She had mostly gone underground. Her celebrity status wasn’t selling in Alaska like it did in the lower 48 states. It was doubtful she could even get elected again. Alaska was easy to govern when oil prices were up. With oil down, Alaska is looking at a shortfall and problems ahead. The window of opportunity for Sarah was closing if she was ever going to cash in on her celebrity she had to get off the pot. At a bad time for national coverage, in a rambling, surprise announcement from her hometown of Wasilla, she went from loving Alaska to leaving it for a higher calling, insulting every lame-duck governor. She made little or no sense. She had no future on the national scene as a candidate, now she has even less but can get back on the celebrity wagon. She can demand $50,000 per speaking engagement, make 20 speeches per year and again live the life of a queen she got a taste of. She’ll stroke the extreme right, preaching conservatism. The Limbaugh folks will buy enough tickets to make her and her less than productive husband rich. She has a three-year run before 2012. Her good looks could put her on TV. She was picked to be second banana with McCain only because they were rolling the dice. A woman, one who could bring some of the unhappy Hillary Clinton votes, a conservative woman preaching the gospel allowing McCain to move to the middle. It was a gamble that didn’t work. They weren’t where the country is. No one, absolutely no one, believed that Sarah possessed the knowledge to be just a breath away from the presidency. If that would have been the reason for choosing a woman the Republican Party had a lot of qualified candidates. Sarah is a showgirl and she’ll make some bread with those who buy into the same old stale message. Move over Hannity and Limbaugh, “It’s Showtime” and here comes Palin. If she wants to live the life of the rich and famous, and she does, she’s playing only the trump card she has.

35 Years Ago-1974

Bridge City police agent David Hamlett is stabbed while making an arrest but was able to arrest the assailant even after he had been wounded. The officer is in the hospital all because of a simple stop for a traffic investigation. Police Chief Wilson Roberts doesn’t take kindly to anyone assaulting his officers and has a few choice words for those that do. Since the death of Capt. Danny Gray at Orange City jail, there has been an outbreak of assaults, robberies and even kidnapping by a masked gunman. *****On July 17, the Houston Texans of the World Football League will play their very first game at home in the Astrodome. (Editor’s note: I saw that very first game but try as I might, I can’t remember who they played.)*****Former Little Cypress-Mauriceville coach Jim Crossland was on the sidelines as defensive coordinator for the Chicago Fire Wednesday night when the Fire played the Houston Texans in Chicago. The game was televised. *****Happy birthday July 9 to Amy Oubre and Marie Brasseaux on July 12. They are the mothers of Phyllis and Roy Dunn (Editor’s note: Both have passed away in the last four years.)*****Ruth “Bear” and Richard Corder went night fishing this week. They caught 12 bass, total weight over 40 pounds. “Bear” caught a nice six-pound, one-ounce bass. At one time she had Richard down five to two before he caught up. They caught them in 10-feet of water between 9 a.m. to 1:30 a.m. on Toledo Bend. *****Jim Dunaway, 34, a native of Cleburne, Texas and a 1964 graduate of University of Texas law school, is a candidate for Orange City Council. He is now associated with the law firm of Hustmyre, Harris, Dorman and Dunaway. He and his wife Sandra, also a native of Cleburne, have three children, Robert, in the fifth grade and twin daughters Kelly and Kimberly who will enter the third grade. (Editor’s note: Jim was elected and went on to become mayor of Orange.

30 Years Ago-1979

The Carousel Restaurant in Orangehurst Shopping Center features all you can eat, six main entrees, 21 salads. They also have music nightly by Jim Kesman on the organ. *****Harmon Chevrolet has a loaded 1979 Camaro 228 for $7795. *****Mark Dunn, writer for the Opportunity Valley News, wins best original news feature by the Texas Community Newspapers of where there were 2,642 entries. The award-winning story was titled, “Profile of Child Neglect. A Danger to Society.” (Editor’s note: One of Marks talents, going back to high school, has been writing. He doesn’t do nearly enough of it. He’s better known for his photography. He graduated valedictorian from the New England School of Photography in Boston. That is his first love.*****Jo Amodeo, who has been with Orange County Abstract for several years, is returning to Port Arthur Abstract where she worked for six years. She starts her new job on Aug. 1, which also is she and Ace Amodeo’s 15th anniversary. (That was the beginning of the end for Jo and Ace.)*****Brent Sorbert celebrates his birthday July 9. *****H.D., Sue and Penny Pate have just returned from a trip to Gatlinburg, Tenn. ****President Jimmy Carter’s popularity is at an all-time low. (Editor’s note: He went on to lose the 1980 election to Ronald Reagan.)*****The Bee Gees will produce Barbara Streisand’s new album. (Editor’s note: Do you remember the Bee Gees? In 1965-66 they were the hottest group around.)*****Bubba Busceme has signed to fight Camillio Ibarra in a 10-rounder July 24. Ibarra is 24-6, Busceme, 13-2.*****”Amanda,” by Waylon Jennings, is the No. 1 country song.  (Editor’s note: Amanda Adams, who turned 30 a few days ago, was named after that song.)


Over the last week, the death of Michael Jackson has sucked up most of the airtime. Farrah’s funeral service made the back pages. I never did see what became of Ed McMahon’s body. I think worldwide, Jackson got as much or more publicity than Princess Di and just his memorial was held. It ain’t over yet. It could turn into being worse than Anna Nicole Smith.*****James Edward Holden of Deweyville, was charged with the 13-year-old murder of Theresa Foskey. Her dismembered body was discovered in the Sabine River on Sept. 7, 1995. We must all keep in mind that Holden’s arrest is not a conviction. If he is guilty however, his arrest won’t be the last shoe to fall. Two other people could be involved and if Holden is guilty, he could very well flip one or two others and cut himself a deal. Not a good one, just better than what he’s got facing him.*****Speaking of prison, only 19 of 112 Texas prisons are air conditioned. Many guards and 155,000 prisoners sweat and stink and many suffer from heat strokes. Makes the Orange County jail look like the Shamrock. (Editor’s note: Come on Breaux, the Shamrock was torn down 35 years ago. Is that the last time you were in a hotel?)*****Judge Joe Parkhurst and his lovely bride drove back to Nevada, the place of their honeymoon. While there, the Judge was involved in at least one major act. He preformed on stage with magician David Copperfield. According to the Judge, Copperfield, from 100 yards away, made eight people disappear and reappear in the back of the auditorium within seconds. Judge says it was amazing and he has no clue how he did it.*****We got an e-mail that our longtime buddy “Tick” Granger is a resident of the Meadows. They didn’t say if Mrs. Granger is there also. I would think so.*****We received many good comments on the Danny Gray story we ran last week. Many people from far away saw it on our web site. One e-mail from Nathan Merritt, Huntington, Texas, says Danny’s widow Gail married Randy Powell, a marriage and family counselor. She worked at the office with him. They live in Palestine. Another e-mail, from a former Orangeite, says Capt. Gray’s dad “Kid,” owned a service station. He spoke of Gail’s beautiful gray eyes and the large size of the funeral, with police departments from around the state and Louisiana represented. It’s hard to believe Danny was only 30 years old and was already a captain.*****You know it’s nice to have friends but everyone should be lucky enough to have one like Nancy Vincent.*****We visited a couple of weeks ago with the lovely Joyce Poche Bernard. She’s sharp as ever. I’m guessing she is in her mid to late ‘80s. Somewhere in this issue she writes about her Cajun upbringing at Poche Bridge. I love reading her recollections.*****A happy camper is Judge Janice Menard who is, after nine months, back in her lovely home. (Editor’s note: A lot of people have totally redone their home after Ike but I haven’t heard anyone say if they like their home best before or after the remolding.*****We also ran into our longtime friend Gene Hildalgo. He brought us up to date on the lovely folks we had lost track of. Gene, who doctors gave a death sentence to years ago, is doing better than most folks I know. *****Speaking of longtime friends, we had inquiries on the whereabouts of Jack Lovett, writer, inventor, electrician and jack-of-all trades. David Richard, who still maintains Jack’s place, tells us Jack is in a nursing home on the outskirts of Houston. “Mr. Jack,” we know you get our paper and everyone from the Lunch Bunch sends their best wishes.*****A big problem coming up for the 2010 census is how to count gay marriages. The Census Bureau faces logistical challenges in classifying legally married, same-sex couples as married. The Bureau said for the first time they will report the number of same-sex married couples, a decision that thrills gay rights advocates. In Texas, common law is legal. I wonder if that counts or if you only obtained a saw-mill license.*****Special birthday wishes go out to our good buddy Donna Riley. We knew her back when she was a DE student, working at P.S. Tire Supply. Now she’s our reliable contact at BCISD. The happiest of birthdays Donna.***** Judi Hidalgo celebrates this week. Best wishes.*****Donna Peterson, a great friend, celebrates and we are proud to send her our best.*****Elizabeth Dupuis celebrates a week after mom Nancy.*****Best wishes to Lana Griffith, Cleon Hogan and also to Dee’s other half, Calvin Rutledge.*****I almost forgot Ella Stuebing. How could anyone forget Ella. Happy birthday to all.*****Little people are calling for a ban on using the word “Midget.” They want to be called “Small People.” That’s OK but how will we distinguish between Dewayne Marsh and a midget. Just kidding Kathy. Belated birthday wishes to Dewayne who celebrated Sunday.***** Special birthday: Our friend David Peck celebrated his 57th birthday July 7. I just wanted to remind this great guy that he’s just three years away from 60. Best wishes buddy.****Celebrity birthdays: On July 8, Toby Keith will be 48, Steve Lawrence, 74, Billy Eckstine would be 95.***** July 9, Courtney Love, 45, Tom Hanks, 53, John Tesh, 57, O.J. Simpson, who sits in a jail somewhere, will be 62.***** July 10, Jessica Simpson, 29, boxing manager Jake LaMotta, 88.***** July 11, Leon Spinks, former heavyweight champ, will be 56, Tab Hunter, 77, President John Quincy Adams, who died on the same day as President Thomas Jefferson, would be 242.*****July 12, pretty Cheryl Ladd, 56, Richard Simmons, 61, Bill Cosby, 72, Van Cliburn, 75, Milton “Uncle Milt” Berle would be 101.*****July 13, Harrison Ford, 67, had he lived, quarterback and former vice presidential candidate, Jack Kemp would be only 74.*****July 14, Roosevelt Grier, 77, Polly Bergen, 79, Dale Robertson, 86, President Gerald Ford would be 96 and Woody Guthrie, 97.***** Minnesota Democrat Al Franken was sworn in Tuesday as the nation’s 100th senator. Franken filled the six-month vacant seat after being declared the winner over Republican Norm Coleman. Franken gives Democrats 60 seats and protection against a filibuster.*****Quarterback Steve McNair was shot and killed by his 20-year-old girlfriend Sahel Kazemi, who had purchased the gun two days earlier. She then placed the gun to her head and killed herself. The police haven’t ruled on the death yet but that is our assumption.


Margie Bean, Amber Seiler, Anita Hennigan, Elizabeth Dupuis, Eryn Lucas, Janice Gresham, Jesse B. Gunstream, Linda Dews, Liz Barclay, Maude Ball, Patrick Halliburton, Steve Stanley, Charles Vidrine, Clark Eastman, Emily Blanchard, Glenda Whitley, Henry Woodard, Kathy Fraccastoro, Paula Auffurth, Bertie Seitz, Corrine Welker, Dawnie Wilkinson, Donna Riley, Laura Childress, Michael Brinson, Miranda Welker, Peggy Hebert, Sarah Cornwell, Shelby Welker, Arta Miller, Charlotte Stout, Cleon Hogan, Lana Griffith, Larissa Barclay, Nancy Byers, Terry Meyer, Craig Simmons, Danna Fournet, Dawanna Landry, Dera Breaux, Judi Hidalgo, Kristen McCurry, Marsha McCullough, Mary Morton, Rodney Barrett, Steve Sarver, Susan Everett, Angela Zenos, Billy Bryant, Donna Peterson, George Millsap, Jared Ganze, Joe Rion, Melani Woodruff, Calvin Rutledge, Ella Stuebing, Lance George and Ledia Miller.

“Hello, is dis da sheriff’s office Hanh?”
“It sure is, wat can we do for you?”
“Well, it’s like dis, I’m calling me to report dat my neighbor Carlton Comeaux him, is hiding some Marijuana inside his firewood. I don’t quite know how he gets it inside dem logs but I know he’s hidin it dere.”
“Tank you very much sir for da call, we will check us.”
Da nex day, twelve of dem sheriffs show up at Comeaux’s house. Dey desend on da firewood shed. Using dere axes dey bust open every piece of wood but dey don’t find no Marijuana dem. Dey sneer at Comeaux and leave.
Shortly, da phone rings at Comeaux’s house.
“Hey Comeaux, dis here is Sostan, did da sheriff’s dem come, hanh?”
“Dey sure did.”
“Did dey chop you firewood?”
“Yea, dey bust every log.”
“Comeaux, happy birthday buddy.”


Michael Jackson is laid to rest. A memorial took place at the Staples Center in Los Angeles on Tuesday. Some of the performers were Stevie Wonder, Mariah Carey, Kobe Bryant, Brooke Shields, Motown founder Berry Gordy, Lionel Richie, John Mayer, Smokey Robinson, Jennifer Hudson, Martin Luther King III, Usher and others. **********I hear a lot of squeaking from Republican legislators that they are not given enough time to read bills before they are brought up for a vote. What a short memory they have. For the first six years of the Bush Administration, when Repubs controlled all branches of government, they fast-tracked everything and ignored the complaining Democrats. What goes around, comes around.*****Meanwhile Republicans, who are singing the same old song, are getting booed all over the country. Texas Sen. John Cornyn was booed off the stage Monday in Austin.*****Gas prices at the pump are approaching half of the Bush / Cheney $4.35 a gallon price.*****Robert McNamara, Kennedy’s defense secretary and the architect of the war in Vietnam died Monday at age 93. McNamara sent hundreds of thousands to fight in Vietnam and was haunted by his decision until his death. Personally, I believe President George W. Bush will also regret the invasion of Iraq. McNamara said, “We were wrong.” George will also some day say the same.*****Remember you can never count Lance Armstrong out.*****Gotta go. Check us out daily on our Web, Take care and God bless.