It has been said of old that “If you give a man a fish, he will eat for a day.” 

But if you teach a man to fish, well, he may just stay out fishing on places like Bailey Road all day, attacking the water with expensive lines and lures.

But at least that “man” won’t have to just stand on a muddy bank anymore, as Orange County recently saw a few piers built along the side of the road for aquatic wranglers to cast their nets from.

The piers, totaling four in number, were built as part of a project from funds obtained via industrial fines by the Texas Department of Justice, Precinct 3 Commissioner John Dubose said.

Dubose could not give an exact number on the cost of the project since funds were obtained through a court settlement with local industry.

“(The county) did not deal directly with the money,” Dubose said. “But enough was left on the table for us to put the piers in.”

The piers cover 12 four-by-four box culverts, installed by the Orange County Drainage District, which allows flow from the marsh to go under Bailey Road, Texas Parks and Wildlife’s area manager Jim Sutherlin said.

“This restores the historic flow of the water in this area to the way it was before the road was ever constructed,” Sutherlin said. “The piers are a good thing to have as this will cut down on foot-traffic bank erosion caused by people coming to fish down here.”

Dubose said that the county intends to do more to the area, but will have to wait on more funding.

“We would like to put in a little more parking area for the public,” he said. “But for right now we have gone as far as we can go.”