Like you, I hear a lot of whispers about the president?s hidden agenda. Some sources even suggest a one-man world rule agenda. Between you and me, that?s nonsense. Ultra conservatives gone mad!

President Obama is a sincere man. It?s just that his sincerity and mine, along with seventy percent of the American public, don’?t agree.

Now, before any Obama supporters wonder where I got the percentage and smugly point out that he won the election with the majority, I?’d like to point out also that of the seventy percent of whom I speak, half was probably too lazy to haul themselves off their keisters and vote.

So, as an old high school cohort on our chat group also pointed out, they got what they deserved. Sadly, I will point out that a large number of us also got blindsided with the same thing. But, that?s politics.

But enough of pointing out. I keep telling myself that given time, nothing can be resurrected that cannot be taken apart.

But not with those incompetents now in Washington. On the other hand, if you think most of our people in Washington are the only incompetents merely looking after their own skins, then take a look at the people we have in Austin.

With some exceptions, that bunch down there gives a new definition to incompetent. If there were any way to come up with a word that meant lazy, useless, bungling, and inept, that would describe their job this last session.

Nine million, one hundred thousand dollars, folks.  That?’s how much of our taxpayer money they spent. And then, because the games those yoyos played stopped all work, the governor, (I use the word loosely), called a special session that cost us only $30,000 a day.

Chicken feed to them. To Rita and Ike survivors, a place to call home, albeit how small. Yet, I imagine most of the fat cats slept like babies every night in their snug Austin apartments, fortified with good food and bonded refreshments, paid for my Texas citizens.

There were bills that affected all of us they needed to address. A concerned Texan up in Silsbee pointed this out, and it is something each and every one of us need to speak with our representatives about.

First is the Photo ID bill. What?s wrong with the idea of each voter being identified and certified as legal? Somebody trying to hide something, or fool somebody? Surely not. It?s no surprise the Democrats opposed it. They?ll lose votes, not because of the ID required, but because many of their voters cannot legally get the ID.

And then there was bill addressing the cost of state services to illegal aliens. Texas spent 4.7 billion on illegal aliens last year, 677 million of which was health care, millions spent on illegals while thousands of legal citizens living in poverty were forced to do without.

Who stopped it all? House Speaker Joe Straus and Carrollton?s Burt Solomons.

Straus I can understand. He represents Northwest San Antonio. Need I say more? Half his constituents might be illegals without appropriate IDs.

Solomons, I can’t figure out. Perhaps that?s one of the reasons Dallas Fort Worth area has such a concentration of illegals even though it is not considered a sanctuary metropolis.

Now, in all fairness, the session did provide tax cuts for 40,000 businesses according to a watchdog organization. But, how much more tax cuts could have been provided to legitimate citizens with 4.7 billions dollars?

The session did not get around to the sanctuary cities in Texas; Austin, Houston, and Katy. Those cities protect the illegals, and the Demorats stalled legislation regarding them.

I?m tired to paying people to legislate so they can ignore their constituents? desires and vote to fill their own pockets.

But, I?’ve said it before. You and me, we?’re the only ones who can stop it, and we can do that through the electoral process.

 Vote the scoundrels out, and put in those who?’ll do as we ask.