Is this world turning weird and screwy, or what?

Does anyone know what is happening to our priorities? Other than I know they’re changing, I have no idea.

Whoever thought you would be penalized for being a success? You rich ones out there are getting ready to take a 51 / 49 percent tax surcharge. Yes, just because you’re worked hard and became successful.

Somehow, I don’t think that’s quite what our Founding Fathers had in mind.

A wiser person once said, from thoughts come words; from words come action; from action comes habit; from habit comes character; and from character comes priorities.

Is it the change in the character of our country that is skewing our priorities? That’s all I can figure.

Look at the most recent outburst of what I consider skewed priorities, Michael Mania.

Don’t misunderstand. My deepest sympathies are with the family over its tragic loss of a loved one and a talented musical artist. He was what he was, and I’m the last person in the world to judge anyone.

But his passing was turned into a circus, which to my way of thinking was an insult to him.

From adults on down to pre-teenagers, folks were falling down in the streets, bawling and tearing out their hair, wailing and gnashing their teeth and covering themselves with appropriate amounts of sackcloth and ashes.

I sure didn’t see any gnashing of teeth or writhing in agony on the streets when America brought home her last hero who died for you and me in the Middle East.

Naïve me, I figured sooner or later, the Michael angst would sort of be winnowed away by the winds of time.

But I was mistaken.

Call me cynical in situations such as this, but I can’t help believing that much of what has been and is going on is not so much out of concern for the deceased, but a means to keep names and faces in the media, i.e, a Michael tribute in a few weeks celebrating his birthday?

All you have to do is listen to the news and you’ll hear the seething accusations being hurled about.

And does the media cooperate?


I thought President Obama had them in his hip pocket, but he’s a neophyte where the grieving survivors are concerned.

Though not quite as weird, over in South Carolina, is a governor who told his staff he’d planned to hike the Appalachian Trail, then scooted down to Argentina for a little hanky-panky. But that’s not so weird-boggling as the fact that prior to his little Argentine soiree, the governor repeatedly asked his wife’s permission to visit his lover during the months after she had discovered his affair.

Now, that’s weird.

If I’d pulled a stunt like that, the last thing I would have remembered was my wife screaming at the top of her lungs, “Will someone show me how to reload this #!  thing.”

But, this is a weird world, filled with people and stories that put fiction to shame.

I can tell you about the marriage that didn’t even make it to sundown, or the poor kid in Africa with the Mowgli syndrome who flaps his arms and talks like a bird, but neither is quite as bizarre as the dead being reborn in diamonds.

A Connecticut woman, shaken by her pet’s death, had its DNA put into a synthetic diamond so she could have him with her forever.
Yep, DNA2Diamonds can do that for you. It ain’t cheap, and it takes a few months, and it’s weird, and the company does a booming business from what I hear.

In this weird world, I’m surprised someone hasn’t come up with the idea of putting celebrities’ DNA in diamonds and selling them.
Or, is that the next new marketing ploy in this weird world that is growing more so by the minute?