Cultures will unite when The Daraja Children’s Choir of Africa will perform at First Baptist Church of Orange at 7 p.m, Thursday, Aug. 6, to bring a message of joy and hope through African song and dance. The church’s Family Life Center, located at the corner of 6th Street and Green Avenue, will be the site of the concert.

Daraja means “bridge” in Swahili, and the choir, made up of 24 orphans or vulnerable children from Kenya, serve as a bridge to connect the people of Africa and America. This is a life-changing opportunity for these children to learn and experience the American culture, as many of them have never experienced life outside of Kenya. At the same time, Americans have the opportunity to step into the lives of these Kenyan children by hearing their testimonies and experiencing traditional African song and dance.

“We feel honored to have these talented Kenyan children share with us in Orange, their message of hope, happiness and love,” says FBC-O Worship Minister John Bickham. “Not only will they share with us, but they will also have the opportunity to see this part of God’s world by visiting Shangri La Botanical Gardens while in Orange. Church families will share their homes and cultures, also, during their stay,” says Myra Sanders, FBC-O event coordinator for the Orange concert.

The choir is embarking on two United States tours this year, which includes a stop in Orange. In spite of dealing with unimaginable hardships, these children are overflowing with joy and love, which they are eager to share, as evident in their performance.

Former Orange resident, David Sanders, is serving as an intern with this choir for the summer, as part of his graduate study requirements from Northwestern State University in Natchitoches, La.

The Daraja Children’s Choir of Africa is part of The 410 Bridge, a non-profit organization focusing on mission work in Kenya. The 410 Bridge exists to connect people within the body of Christ to contribute to the self-developing capabilities of the people of Kenya.

For more information about the concert, contact First Baptist Church of Orange, 886-7461 or e-mail If you would like more information about the choir and the organizations, visit or