The devil has made a lot of inroads in this country since I was a boy. I don’t recall that he ordered mothers to cut their babies heads off, eat their body parts and they did it. I recall hearing of maybe a couple of murders a year, mostly in the big cities. It was the top story, under the masthead where the biggest news of the day goes. Yep, that devil, he’s ordering folks to do horrible things and folks are obliging him. You know, the devil made me do it. *****Last week for us was a downer. Our buddy Cal died Tuesday. His son Dale attended the Wednesday Lunch Bunch to invite the group to be honorary pallbearers. In attendance also was J.W. “Kid” Henry. He hasn’t been around for several years. Thursday night visitation was held for Cal at Claybar Funeral Home in Orange, the place he had worked and lived as a young man. David Claybar called to say he was like a big brother. Catholic Deacon Larry David and Roy Dunn did the honors of giving Cal a good send off at Friday’s funeral. Cal was laid to rest in the soil from which he came in Morse, La. On his Sunday morning radio program, Rev. Leo eulogized Cal and spoke of the man’s goodness and how he had helped his ministry and many people. *****Saturday was a better day. Sue and Tony Simar, good country folks, rewarded us with some fresh-cut okra and some of the best tomatoes I’ve tasted. They had 150 pounds of tomatoes they were selling. The crop is about done and they have already gathered and frozen all the corn. In a country where folks are listening to the devil, it’s great to know good Christian folks like the Simar’s. *****I’ve got to move on now. Sometime this week I must get to Peggy’s on the Bayou. They have opened their scenic restaurant on Cow Bayou right where the crab and shrimp boats come in. The old place is totally remodeled and I’m told the food is very good. It’s located at Duleval LeBlanc’s old place on Roundbunch Road, at Cow Bayou.

Every president since FDR has wanted to do something about health care. It is really a disaster. Doing a little something would be a start, but what’s needed in some areas is a total overhaul. I’m not for socializing health care, the quality of care drops. However, in the area of pre-existing conditions a person should be able to buy insurance at regular price not just allowed to die because he lost his insurance when he lost his job. There are other major problems also. The American Medical Association and other medical groups, including PhRMA, have endorsed enactment of legislation. On Monday the U.S. Chamber of Commerce called for the senate to “Act promptly, preferably before the senate’s vacation.” The business organization dealt a blow to Republican leader Mitch McConnell and other GOP lawmakers who wanted to stall legislation, a defeat for the Obama administration. I was in hopes that politics would not have interfered with coming out with a reasonable plan. A lot of misinformation is being put out, television ads etc. by Republican groups such as Limbaugh, Sean Hannity and others. They don’t want true reform; they want Obama to fail even if it means health care, economic or foreign policy going down the tube. They are rich and really don’t care that the stimulus is working and recovery is on the way. They will knock the administration at every turn. Maybe if they had exposed the Bush administration we wouldn’t be in this mess and the worst recession since the Great Depression. I might not be for the entire health package but we can’t knock every thing our government tries to accomplish. Doing nothing is not an accomplishment.

75-Years Ago-1934
Fifteen-year-old Julius David made a hole-in-one at Sunset Grove Country Club. He made it on number 12, using a five iron. *****Charles Cottle defeats W.L. Shepherd for tax assessor collector. He will contest two boxes, Orangefield and Pine Forest. Attorney Dewitt Bennett has prepared the petition. *****A reward of $5,000 is out for the arrest of John Dillinger’s five mad dogs. They are John Hamilton, Charles A. Ford, “Baby Face” Nelson, Homer Van Meter, Richard “Tallman” Galaths. *****Funeral service was held for Arthur J. Bancroft, 82-year-old pioneer.

35 Years Ago-1974
Spotted enjoying the food at the new LaPlace on Short Sixth Street, owned and managed by Ernest and Ann McCollum, were the Jack Smith’s, “CoCo” Harden and his bride, Louis Dugas, Dan Dumas, Tony Gerritona, who wrote the song, “My Happeniness” and Dist. Att. Sharon Bearden and his assistant Pat Clark. Bearden was on a diet; he only ate one bowl of gumbo and two beignets. LaPlace is a unique New Orleans style restaurant and coffee shop. *****Judge Sid Caillavet will go into the hospital next week for surgery. *****Clester Andrews is the Honda and Uniroyal tire outlet in Orange. *****Attorney Jim Graves takes a new bride. (Editor’s note: Which number was that?)*****Accountant Charles Reed has set up shop at Sneed’s Shipbuilding. He has also gotten a new bride. He and Martha will live in Beaumont. (Editor’s note: Charlie later went to law school and started practicing law in Beaumont. As far as I know, he is still there.)*****Attorney Buddie Hann has been appointed by the court to represent Cliff Blanchett and Cimron Campbell was strapped with defending Billy Wayne Dowden. Both are charged with causing the killing of officer Danny Gray, OPD. *****Roy Ingram is the new manager of Triangle Savings and Loan in Bridge City. He’s a friend of Leroy Caffey, Donny Anderson and other pro football players. *****Gene and Judy Hidalgo are expecting the stark. Gene was spotted assembling a baby bed on the front porch. *****Nelson’s Automotive Service is located at 902 W. Division. (Editor’s note: If my memory serves me right, I believe Jack Luther owned it.)

30 Years Ago-1979
Bridge City will get a new traffic lane. City manager C.R. Nash says the state has approved the Highway 87, Texas Ave, remodeling project. Removal of the palm-landscaped esplanades will create a new lane, making Texas Ave. seven lanes. Originally it was a two-lane road. A recent poll showed that 48,000 vehicles traveled through Bridge City during a six-hour period. Many are traveling to plants in Port Arthur. Chamber president Bill Nickum said almost everyone he had spoken with were in favor of removing the esplanade. The palm trees had been planted during the tenure of city manager Bill McClure. *****A very weak tropical storm dumped over 10 inches of rain over Orange County, knocking down trees and disrupting electric and telephone service. *****Vivian and Fain Holbrook celebrate an anniversary. *****Jo and Ace Amodeo celebrate August 1. *****John Alton Bergeron turns 14 on July 31. *****On Aug. 2, Lynn Hall and Wayne Morse will celebrate birthdays. *****Jeanne Dumesnil celebrated on July 27. *****Russell Turkel will turn 9-years-old on July 31. *****New store manager at Big Red Pantry, owned by Howard Morse, is Marshall Eggers. *****Polly and Mike Gamblin are headed to Florida, Polly’s homeland, on their vacation. (Editor’s note: I wonder if that nice couple is still in the area.)*****Helen Harrington returned from a cruise on Saturday and caught the big bird to Vegas on Sunday. Sue Pate left the sands of Corpus Christi just in time to also catch the plane to Fun City. (Editor’s note: I don’t recall Doug or H.D. shedding any tears over their wives being out of town for so long a period.)

It’s with sadness we learned that our longtime buddy G.L. “Red” Garrett has been admitted to an area nursing home after a stay in the hospital. Red had been falling often and the family felt he should not stay alone. They made the correct decision. To know “Booger” is to love him. The former Orange city councilman is just a prince of a guy. Red, hang in there buddy, you’re in good hands and safe. *****We really messed up last week. Friday, July 24, was Margie Stephens and Mary Fontenot’s birthday and we failed to remember them. Ike stole our calendar of birthdays; now Debbie is in charge of trying to assemble our new birthday list. Allow me to wish you two beautiful women a belated happy birthday and please cut me some slack. *****Robert’s Restaurant and Lounge has installed large, flat screen television sets and will be carrying all the USC fights. The folks at Robert’s invite you to come out and enjoy the events. *****I really enjoyed and learned a lot about the Port of Orange and the great improvements and additions made there by Gene Boullion and the Port directors. Robert Hankin wrote a great story last week on the new $3.5 million security system. If you haven’t read it get yourself a copy. *****The Orange County mosquito plane, flown by pilot Patrick Bourke, should be in the air soon. Mosquito Control Director Patrick Beebe and crew have been doing a great job with ground spraying but the skeeters have been light and that’s getting ready to change with all this rain. The plane may be going into action just in time. *****A big thanks to Patsy Peck for the goodies. This crew is addicted to sweets, yours truly included. I bet Ms. Patsy is a great hostess. Everything she does is first class. *****We received a beautiful letter of thanks from Rev. Steven Morgan of Saint Paul Methodist Church in Bridge City. The new church is drawing hundreds of worshipers. If you don’t have a home church, they welcome you to come visit with them. *****We ran into our old friend Moe Litton. Moe doesn’t change much. Lately he has been primary caregiver for his wife, Helena, and has little time to run the roads and visit friends. Moe loves to visit, loves folks and has great stories to tell. *****Happy birthday to some of our special folks this week. Rev. Leo Anderson celebrates another year. *****Dr. Joe Majors is a year older, also ultra-conservative John Harrington and Lisa Faulk say hello to another birthday. *****Yvonne and Sarah Boehme both celebrate this week. *****Joy Dubose Simonton, soon to be a new mom, is celebrating this week. *****Kody Fisette celebrates Aug. 4. *****Celebrity birthdays: On July 29, Martina McBride will be 43, Elizabeth Dole, 73. *****July 30, Arnold Schwarzenegger, 62, Paul Anka, 68. *****July 31, J.K. Rowling, 44, Wesley Snipes, 47. *****August 1, Dom DeLuise would be 76 had he lived. *****Aug. 2, Judge Lance Ito, 59, Peter O’Toole, 77 and Carroll O’Connor, “Meathead’s” father-in-law, would be 85. *****Aug. 3, Tom Brady will be 31, Martha Stewart, 68, Jay North, 57, Martin Sheen, 69 and Tony Bennett, 83. *****Aug. 4, Roger Clemens, 47, Jeff Gordon, 38, Billy Bob Thornton, 54 and President Barack Obama, 48. *****Happy anniversary to Rosalie and Jack Jones on Aug. 3. *****Don Harmon took a trip to the Mother Land, South Louisiana. His wife Dorothy still has relatives in Jeanerette. They brought back some good Cajun bread made at Robbie’s Deli and Bakery in Abbeville. Roy was raised with Robbie and the Russo boys. They still have a big food center in Abbeville that was opened 65 years ago. *****We had a couple of surprise visitors this week. Tucker “Tall Texan” Clayton stopped by. He will be 88 years old on Aug. 23. He’s still going strong and still living in the Cove, a few blocks from where he was born. *****Also stopping by was Neighbor Cox. He dropped his girls, Ms. Ginny and Pat, his sister-in-law, off at the beauty shop. It was great seeing both old friends. *****Hank Aaron, who hit 755 home runs, says that Pete Rose should be in the Baseball Hall of Fame. *****Alaska’s “Barbie,” Sarah Palin, stepped down Sunday after just serving half of her first term as governor. You can bet it’s moneymaking time. She’ll be on the talk circuit in less than a month. *****Lance Armstrong came in third in the Tour de France. *****People have been picking up copies of Robert Carpenter’s CD at Harmon’s car lot. It can be heard on our website TheRecordLive.com, just click Local Music on the top menu. The guy is really talented. *****Rush Limbaugh, the nation’s biggest pill head, at one time swallowing 4,000 pills a month. No rehab, he just quit. If you believe that I have a bridge over the Neches to sell you. The guy is pure poison. He doesn’t want our country to do good, just our government to fail.

Kristina Armstong, Chris Abshire, Dr. Rollie Allen, Florence Pelham, Hannah O’Grady, Jeff Fruge, Lisa Faulk, Nancy Bourgeois, Rev Leo Anderson, Rollie Allen, Art Miller, Bonnie Sipes, Joe Majors, Laurie Davis, Lisa McCall, Paula Schenider, Ronda Hale, Troy Hillsten, Chris Lopez, Conner Godwin, Daniel Faircloth, David K Boileau, Jane Duchene, Kimberly Sieck, Laci Braus, Mary Bradford, Mildred Hudson, Nancy Lancaster, Wayne Sanders, Zeb Lowe, Brittany Newman, Debbie Moerbe, Judy Chandler, Marie Pittman, Megan Vogt, Melba Flippen, Ruby Parks, Tana Thompson, Yvonna Boehme, Joyce Dubose Simonton, LeRoy Granger, Megan Leleux, NaNa Foster, Nathanishe Foster, Sherri Christiansen, Stump Weatherford, Travis Fields, Ayden Sanders, Chloe Halliburton, Cody Hollis, Debbie Desper, Diana Tally, Elizabeth McBride, Glenda Delano, Lacey Monceaux, Marilyn Snider, Pat Beardin, Ruth Stone, Bob Gephart, Dena Cox, Ethel Hicks, Frank Wiegreffe, Jarrod Vogt, Jeannette Edwards, John Harrington, Kody Fisette, Vickie Wells, Ann Collins, Cetha Haure, Claire Williams, Leonard Hall and Frances Reid.

Tee Nunc Comeaux’s boy, Norris, has jus received his drivers license him. He axe his PaPa when he could drive da car.
Tee Nunc said, “”Norris, I’ll make a deal wit you, if you bring up you grades, study you Bible and get you hair cut, den we’ll talk about you borrowing da car.”
Sure nuff, Norris, him, buckled down and after six weeks his PaPa said, “Son, I’m really proud of you, me. You brought up you grades and studied you Bible. However, I’m a bit disappointed dat you didn’t get you hair cut.”
Norris paused and said, “You know PaPa, I’ve noticed in my Bible studies dat Samson had long hair him. John da Baptist had long hair too. Moses, him, had long hair and dares a strong argument dat Jesus had long hair, him too.”
Tee Nunc replied, “Norris, in your studies, did you also notice dey all walked everywhere dey went dem.”

In closing, I want to congratulate the Bridge City Little League program that sent four teams to the state playoffs in Tyler. As of Tuesday, one team is still in the running. One of the girl’s softball teams lost Sunday, the major girls lost Tuesday. The boy’s 13 and 14-year-old team was loaded with talent and I would have thought they might make it farther but were eliminated Monday night. The boy’s 12-year-old team also has some good ball players however, this team is well coached by Ronnie Shugart Jr. and that has gotten them to Wednesday’s championship  game at 10 a.m.  The last two games were come from behind wins. Tuesdays was 5-3 on a grand slam.*****Judge Sonia Sotomayor was cleared by the senate committee to be passed on to full senate where she will be confirmed and become the 111 Justice, the third woman and first Latino to serve on the Supreme Court. *****My time is up, a sincere thanks for yours. Remember, it’s nice to have a lot of friends but everybody should have one like Betty Lou Womack. Take care and God bless.